Revealing My Kitty Age

22 Nov

(Originally posted on 12 November 2007)

Old friends, old love

I’ve done a little work over the last week, and I’ve kept my promise to myself. My catalog of Kitty products has been officially launched with my photographs of vintage (in other words – really old!) Hello Kitty items I’ve kept safe over the years. I know I still have some more lurking in my personal collection, and it’ll take a while before I tag them and organize them. Still, this is a great first step for a procrastinator and perfectionist (my main reason for procrastinating) like yours truly.  

The down side to showing off “vintage” stuff: you can actually guess which side of thirty I am coming from. Oh, well, Hello Kitty never ages, and so do I!  


One Response to “Revealing My Kitty Age”

  1. MegaMom November 27, 2007 at 4:30 pm #

    I’ve always known you were a Kitty fan, but I did not realize the magnitude ’til now!

    Scary, isn’t it? Hehe! At a time when most people think of HK as a fad, “she” has become a lifestyle for me. Now, I know where Alphonse gets his quirks…Kittymama

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