Teenager teaches Kittymama

5 Dec

I hadn’t been feeling well these last few days. I think I must have picked up a bug when I went shopping last Friday. And while I was very happy with my Hello Kitty finds (a new lamp, a pink mousepad, a pink optical mouse, a diecut keychain, an iPod nano skin, some water bottles, a mug, a cube clock , perfume atomizers), I had to wade through a throng of people just to complete my personal shopping list. And I still haven’t finished Christmas shopping!

So this morning, I vowed to take it easy for a while. I sat down, started checking email, and before I knew it, I had spent the better part of my morning reading a thirteen-year-old girl’s blog! I loved Angie’s Blog!  (As you can see, she’s the newest addition to my blogroll. ) 🙂 Who knew a thirteen-year-old could be so cool on the Net? I have to admit my ignorance when compared to a computer savvy teenager (yes, she is officially a teenager; she started her weblog at age twelve!) but I am really grateful I have the opportunity to see the world through a young woman’s eyes. And if you see some really cool stuff on my pages in the following days, thank Angie– I picked up a lot of new things from her.



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