And now, we take a break…

11 Dec


My response to Teacher Julie’s tag will come out in the next few days. I am currently Santa-mommy in the house, which means I have to do the following things before I can unwind and blog again:

1. Finish the tree and take pictures. (This year: Hello Kitty theme with handmade bling-blings!)

2. Change the living room curtains in anticipation of Christmas guests. (*dread*)

3. Get back to serious work and finish my reviews. (I have been playing hooky again! Boohoo!)

4. Wrap gifts. (Not enough yet.)

5. Shop for more gifts. (I no longer like this part.)

6. Give myself a Guitar Hero hour (or hours)! 🙂

Guitar Hero Legends of Rock Wii Bundle

I got this as Christmas present number ahm, uhm, ehrm–really, who’s counting?– last night! Hooray! 

 Updates: I had to change the picture because the giftgiver (A the husband) insisted that I show the correct one (or else my journalistic intergrity would be at stake). What I got was the Wii bundle (purchased from Datablitz).


One Response to “And now, we take a break…”

  1. FXSmom December 11, 2007 at 4:34 pm #

    We got that game for our son too….it looks awesome!

    Hi, FXSmom! Thanks for dropping by again! I’ve been waiting for two nights to try out the game, but so far, no such luck! Your son will probably get to play with it earlier than I will, but yes, it does look awesome! Hope the entire family enjoys it with him! Advance Merry Christmas! ~♥Kittymama

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