Countdown to the New Year

31 Dec

I sprained my ankle the day before Christmas, in a bad pivot step that had my foot at a bad angle with the rest of my body. The swelling hasn’t gone down completely almost a week after and despite analgesics, it still hurts a @#&* lot. I wear a support brace for my ankle so I can still hobble around the house and do chores (Alphonse imitates my “Igor” walk a lot and it actually looks hilarious!) but because I haven’t been completely off my bad ankle, healing is taking a lot longer than I expected.

(photo borrowed from the website of the American Academy of Family Physicians)

I’ve been hardly online since the holidays started. The necessary chores of the season — from decorating to gift-wrapping to cooking to gift delivery — all fall under the vast domain of mothers. And while my loving husband certainly pulls his own bootstraps, sometimes, it just feels easier when I get to do it my own way. Ah, mothers can be such control freaks.

The writing has taken a back seat for now; the blogging, too. I stayed up extra late the other night to put up my birthday greetings for my husband, but other than that, there hasn’t been time enough to catalog the special activities of the season that add extra heft to an otherwise already normally heavy “every day.” (Alphonse has school even on holidays.)

But with the New Year barely hours away, I feel compelled to stay up an extra night to “pay my debts” and clear out the bad luck. (I am Chinese-Filipino, purposely educated in liberal mindsets, but the old traditions I grew up with are still hard to ignore, much like an itch you can’t dismiss; you just have to scratch it.) I still owe Megamom a tag (thank you, my friend, for your patience) and Teacher Julie’s friendship award certainly deserves special mention. Before the New Year comes, I must, I must, I must keep my promises, and wipe the slate clean. And so the next two posts will be resolutions to pending tags, in the hope that much like in real life, starting fresh and clean before the New Year will bring this blog lots of love, lots of fun, lots of Hello Kittys, lots more friends, and lots more tags.


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