10 Jan

My son brought home an A+ from his English poetry class yesterday and my heart swelled with pride and joy. I am glad that he loves the written word as much as his parents do, and even gladder that Ms. SLT (his English Teacher, whose name I will only disclose at the end of the school year) finds a way to inspire Alex and tap into his love for prose and poetry every single day.

Two Warriors 

By Alexander *

Two warriors do stand
On that barren hill
One protects, upholds
One slaughters and kills

Two warriors remain
Stalwart, unbroken
Silence complete
Words unspoken

Opposites they were
Opposites they are
Different from each other
Like moons and stars

One, Light,
Is good, kind
His kin, the Dark
A Shadow that Binds

Their armies are formed
Women and men
Weapons at ready
The Chaos descends

The battle echoes
Cries uneven
Sounding like that
Of Hell and Heaven

As they clash, fight
Duel, struggle
The ground breaks
The dirt buckles

Retainers, soldiers
Witches fall
Yet two men remain,
Standing tall.

Light and Dark
Destined to fight
Forever, an accursed

When Light falls, he
Must stand once more
And resist Sleep’s
Eternal call

Dark must not let up
Let the balance shake
Lest he be crushed
‘neath Light’s mighty wake

So two champions,
Light and dark
Fight still, forevermore
Solid and stark

On air that cries
Without a sound
On ground that weeps
With terror abound


3 Responses to “Poet”

  1. FXSmom January 10, 2008 at 4:20 pm #

    wow…your son has talent!

    Thank you! He’ll be very pleased to know that someone appreciates his work. God bless and thank you again for your kindness!

  2. leira January 14, 2008 at 3:22 am #

    wow ang galing galing naman ni Alex. Im not even surprised eh talented kayo pareho so talagang either side eh may pagmamanahan

    A is the real poet of the family. You should read the poems he’s given me! *Blush* My mom, too, but mostly she writes these really long beautiful poems in Filipino. I think Alex mostly just got my good looks, haha.

  3. TeacherJulie January 15, 2008 at 2:30 am #

    Alex! I am so proud of you dear boy! How wonderful that you were able to write a poem like that. Galing!

    “Thank you, teacher Julie! See you Sunday!” -Alex

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