Meltdown Ala Mode

Alphonse threw a tantrum last night, complete with hair pulling, hair twisting, and his patented maneuver, “yanking till the roots come *&#@ out.” I should have seen it coming. He’s been having some really bad days lately. He seems more on the edge, more antsy, more unsettled of late.  

I think it comes from not having a real rapport with his new teacher. Of course, Teacher J tries hard, but he seems to lack the ability to knock down Alphonse’s walls. I don’t know if time will ease the transition issues (Teacher J replaced Teacher P, Alphonse’s teacher for the last 10 months, only last December) or if it’s some flaw in their relationship that I can’t pin down yet. Let it pass, Lord.

I had to physically restrain Alphonse as he struggled to grab and pull my hair. He’s almost as tall as me, with a longer reach and really strong arms. We struggled for a while, but as soon as I wrapped his arms with a towel, he started to cry- a real heart wrenching cry that made me tear up, even as I struggled not to betray my emotions in front of him. I had to appear under control at all times.

When he started to calm down, I started to talk to him in hushed tones. He would nod or shake his head to answer me.

Does something hurt? No.

Are you angry? Yes.

Are you angry because I said No to you spilling the cooking oil? Yes.

Spilling the oil was wrong. Yes.

I love you. Yes.

Don’t pull my hair. Yes

Touch gently. Yes

Are you calm now? Yes.

I let him go after that. Slowly, he touched my hair tentatively and looked at me, as if waiting for me to react. He kissed me, softly, and I hugged my son, my big boy, my forever-baby.

So this morning, I am nursing some sore spots on my head. I rub them with ice and they don’t feel as tender as they did last night. These are the rough spots of our lives that make the smooth times feel even better. When you know how low your life can actually go, you learn to be grateful for the sunshine that comes after the storm.  

Got me some boo-boos; no biggie today. Nothing that a pint of Cherry Garcia can’t make all better.

Cure for meltdown (Rx to mom)


4 thoughts on “Meltdown Ala Mode

  1. i wish i had some ice cream :(. I just learned everyone ate it all. how rude huh

    Just got some Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. Wanna share? 🙂 ~♥Kittymama

  2. We are going thru that same stage right now meltdown ala mode.. haayyyyy pero sya naman what triggers the meltdowns ay pag mabagal ang internet connection namin.. eh may magagawa ba ako pag ganun.. kids will be kids

    Josh is so … high-tech! I wish Alphonse would pay attention to anything on the PC; right now, he just loves iTunes. On second thought, one computer-hog (big brother Alex) is enough in the family. 🙂 ~♥Kittymama

  3. i learned that they lied…they didn’t eat all of my ice cream. so they got me a Dairy Queen blizzard to soothe things over…lol.

    I tageed you on my blog. Please don’t hate me ;-). The rules are on my 1/20/08 post.

    Me, I love tags! Hahaha! (Maybe I shouldn’t shout it out aloud…) I’ll check it out right away!

    What flavor of Dairy Queen blizzard do you love? I’m a strawberry and banana girl. And anything with chocolate. And anything with ice cream. Oops, that makes everything my favorite. (Ice cream is good.) ~♥Kittymama

  4. KittyMama, I’m so sorry to hear about what happened. Sometimes you know, when my children are having petty quarrels and I am about to lose my temper, I stop and think about how it is with parents like you.

    I wish you well 🙂

    Hope to see you on Sunday.

    We all live with different challenges, Teacher Julie, and these teach us many lessons in life. One of them is gratitude. Another is empathy. If we could all just learn to put ourselves in another’s shoes, we’d all learn to get along. Thank you for your empathy. I appreciate it a lot.

    Sunday’s a date!


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