Autism Walk Updates

21 Jan

This just in my inbox- the schedule of the Angels Walk for Autism of the Autism Society Philippines.

6:00 am     Registration (till 7:00 am)
6:15 am     Warm-Up Exercise
7:00 am     Mass
7:45 am     Opening Ceremonies
8:00 am     Walk
9:00 am     Program: Special Numbers by Extra Special Kids

Here are some tips to help you and your family prepare for the walk.

a. Orient family members on safety tips. Prepare an assembly spot where everyone can meet and congregate or return to, when lost. Prepare schedule and synchronize watches. Make sure everyone can be reached by cellular phone, if necessary.

b. Orient Child with Autism of the Walk schedule. Do all of the above, but make sure it is in visual form (words or pictures) that the child can carry to remind himself/herself.

c. Prepare food and drinks (lots of water!)

d. Bring caps or visors.

e. Bring extra clothes and towels.

f. Use sunblock. Very important!

Happy Walking!


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