Zombie Mom

I’ve been averaging less than four hours sleep a night for a week now and my sleep cycle’s shot. Our air-conditioning is on the fritz and Alphonse has been waking up earlier and earlier each day. As soon as the air-conditioner ices up, he’s wide awake. The other day, he was up at quarter till five; today, we were running around the house at five thirty.

As a result, I feel sleepy at the oddest hours of the day. Last night, I hadn’t realized that Alex was talking to me until he said “Mama, you look like a zombie” as I stared blank-faced at him. Hey, sometimes, I do feel like a zombie. 😦

To make things worse, I can’t sleep at night. After I put Alphonse to bed and I’ve made a quick check of Alex’s school work, I still have other things to do. Like picking up after the boys. Or packing away the books for the nth time. Or working on the PECS project. When I lay my head on the pillow, my eyes simply won’t shut. I lay there awake, thoughts turning in my head, until I decide to give up and do something else.

So, last night, I gave up all attempts at sleeping. I decided I have more productive uses for my time than to stay wide-eyed and staring at the ceiling. I surfed the net and bloghopped like a crazed Energizer bunny. And what do you know, you really do find the oddest assortments of information right at the tip of your fingers.  (I also found some really great blogs to add to my links, but that’s for another post.)

I chanced upon this unusual toy at Nerd ApprovedSuper Mom I think you would have to agree that this is definitely Mom Approved. If I had a daughter, I’d get her this doll right away. I think every little girl dreaming of motherhood in her future ought to spend some time playing with dolls like these, and not just the oh-so-cool Barbies that only get frazzled by bad hair days. If you don’t believe the toy is real, click here and see where you can get a Happy Worker Everyday Superhero Super Mom toy  for only $14.99!. If you visit the creator’s site, there are links for fun mom facts and an FAQ on mothering. Just imagine your eight-year-old rattling these facts: “Mom, by your grandson’s 2nd birthday, I’d have changed 7300 diapers! Neat!” or “Super Moms don’t need to sit!” Happy Worker, creator of these innovative dolls, also has a collection of men dolls called Geekman, Moneyman and Bossman. I think Super Mom looks good with Geekman, but then again, that’s just me, always a tad partial to geeky (but cute!) men.

Watch her change from calm to frrazzled in seconds! And yes, maybe they’ll come out with new variations of Super Mom. How about a Zombie Mom, one who’s not only frazzled but also sleep-deprived, with slathered glop on the face, and with puffy eyebags and deep furrows on her forehead. She’ll be still in her jammies and curlers at noon; she desperately wants to blog but just doesn’t have all the time in the world. The house is a mess. The baby needs his milk. Baby’s clothes are still drying in the living room. See the eyebags and the wrinkles! See her sexy panda pajamas! Oh, my, I see myself!

ZOMBIE MOM: She’ll scare the —- out of you!

4 thoughts on “Zombie Mom

  1. I who must not be named shall comment on this blog since it has shown great potential in both writing skill and humor…

    In other words, OMG Zombie Mom!!!

    Seriously, nice editing. It actually look like it’s been made by the developers.

    Thanks, He-who-must-not-be-named. I know who you are. I know where you live. 🙂 ~♥Kittymama

  2. lol cute dolls. next time u can’t sleep try some relaxation techniques. One of my favorites is to lay down flat on my back. ( i actually hate sleeping on my back but for this it works). Then I focus all of my energy on my body by mentally telling parts of my body to relax. I start at the tip of my toes and work up and the work back down if I have to. It knocks out all the other thoughts in my head and makes me focus on relaxing 🙂

    Thanks, Beth! I’ll try your recommendations tonight. 🙂 Got the air-conditioning fixed today so I’m looking forward to snoozing the whole night uninterrupted. ~♥Kittymama

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