Mommy’s DAYS Out

13 Mar

I’m hung over. Call it “post-traumatic-over-scheduling,’ if you will, but after a whirlwind of activities last week, I am still working through aching muscles and troublesome headaches. Lest I mislead you into thinking I got myself into some horrible mess, allow me to state outright that last week’s experiences, though busy and overwhelming, were all wonderful and inspired. But that they came one after another left me no breathing room, and for one not quite over the flu, the daily activities took their toll on me

For most of last week, Alex had been staying late in school to finish their Theater Club’s culminating activity for aspirants. (School officially ended last February 29.) Brought early to school each morning, Alex worked with other freshmen aspirants to prepare for Unang Lipad (First Flight), a showcase of the aspirants’ singing, dancing, and acting abilities, and a venue for creativity, leadership, and direction for the incoming seniors of the club.  Practice ended late most nights. The drive was long and traffic was bad, so every night last week, I went to bed nauseated and feeling like the world was spinning around me.

On Friday, I had to come up for air and “surface” in the real world for an official Mommy’s Day Out. For the first time in weeks, I had to give up my comfy Crocs in favor of ladies’ shoes. I don’t wear heels a lot – this obviously comes with the territory of caring for children – but I do enjoy the occasional opportunity to show off  newly manicured toes and well massaged calves. Then I had my hair and make-up done at a salon, a complete pampering that started the day just right.Ladies Who Lunch

The reason? BusinessWorld’s quarterly female forum, Ladies Who Lunch. A brainchild of BW’s president, Ms. Barbara Locsin, Ladies Who Lunch debuted in August 2006 as a forum for female powerhouses in the business industry to speak on issues pertinent to their work, lifestyle, and roles as women in Philippine society. On previous luncheons, themes of time management, shopping styles and personality, angels, values formation, and beauty beyond vanity were discussed. LWL always draws a sizeable crowd and one always meets fascinating people.

Ms. Lia BernardoFriday’s theme was “Dressing To Impress,” with Ms. Lia Bernardo, Marketing Director of Rustan’s Department Store, as guest speaker. It was an enlightening experience, as Ms. Bernardo recommended ways to improve one’s projected image, from using the right colors to picking up versatile, and not necessarily expensive, pieces for the business wardrobe. As always, there was a sumptuous buffet (courtesy of Gateway’s Mandarin Oriental Suites), freebies for attendees (BW media products and Chanel make-up), and free services such as a make-overs by Chanel, facials courtesy of Lancôme, and even and invigorating massage by the professional staff of Orange Spa. 🙂 
With VivianOf all the things I did that day, however, chance encounters with strangers left me feeling especially good (and less guilty) about having enjoyed some Me time. At the restroom, a pretty young lady came up to me and asked if I was who I was, and having confirmed her suspicions, talked lengthily about the columns I’ve written. I was touched that this young mother of two, Vivian, could empathize so keenly with my own aspirations as a mother and as a woman.

Then too, I met Dr. Eric Tan, a physician by training but an entrepreneur by choice, as he chatted with guests who availed of his spa’s free massages. Dr. Tan is the owner of Orange Home Spa, a professional massage service that offers home services and spa parties. I signed up for a back massage and it was heavenly! I went home that night tired from the whole day experience, but a little more relaxed, and a lot more grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Orange Spa

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2 Responses to “Mommy’s DAYS Out”

  1. Stacey Derbinshire March 13, 2008 at 3:56 am #

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

    Thank you, Stacey! Come again! ~♥Kittymama

  2. Casdok March 13, 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    You cant beat a good massage!

    True, true! I’ve never been very comfortable in spas so I don’t get massages often. But this last one… think I’ll go for seconds, maybe even thirds … 🙂 ~♥Kittymama

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