Affirmation of Respect

Before we are able to love anyone else, even our children, we must love ourselves. To love ourselves, we must believe that we are worthy of respect. Some days, it’ll be hard to believe even this, when we are overwhelmed and tired and dispossessed of all good humor. There’ll be days you will have to butt heads with others, be it on something as important as your child’s IEP or something as petty as fashion choices. Sometimes, it’ll be easier to fold the hand dealt to us or accept others’ critical views without comment than risk the displeasure of others. But if you remember that our children’s self-esteem springs from our own, then the impetus to demand and hold respect becomes even more necessary.

Respect is a two-way street. Just as we give out respect, expect it back in turn. Never sell yourself short.

1 thought on “Affirmation of Respect

  1. So very true and words for me to remember as i am taking a break from blogging to sort out a funding issue and then help my son with his transition to adult services.
    But i am sure i will drop in to see you!
    Take care.

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