Just A Short Break

7 May

I’ve been lurking in my own blog for a few days now, never actually logging in, just checking every now and then on activity in the site. I’m glad that some of my friends have still visited despite my absence and I am grateful for their words of support and encouragement. ūüôā

I’m almost there where I should be, in terms of catching up with housework, my teaching load (with Alphonse), my part-time business (I make laminated PECS cards and I also¬†sell autism awareness jewelry), and my writing (I’ve submitted two articles this week, edited two more, and started on another one just now- not bad). Once I get over this huge hump, I plan to blog more and write about what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks. In the meantime, while I savor a few minutes of downtime (I just emailed my article to my editor and I am awaiting his comments via SMS), I thought to say hello to everyone I’ve missed. HELLO!

Sending you Kitty love

Once my work load is decently managed, I am scheduling more ME time. Time to blog. Time to take pictures and edit them at leisure. Time to listen to music. Time to meet up with friends. Time to watch movies.

With Ms. Sharon CunetaSpeaking of movies, I just saw the trailer of Sharon Cuneta’s¬†latest movie, Caregiver. I’m a big Sharon Cuneta fan, really, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet her (and hug her in person!!!) because of my writing (I do reviews of music and movies, on the side).¬†I’m not a big¬†movies fan; moreover, I’m not a big Filipino movies fan.¬†Still, despite the limitations of our¬†entertainment industry, we do manage to come up with stellar performances that¬†are at par with world-renowned talent.

Aside from being a Sharon-starrer, this movie caught my attention because it tackles a theme very close to our heart- the plight of overseas Filipino workers. We are a country of migrant workers scattered in every corner of the globe. We are doctors, nurses, caregivers, engineers, bankers, domestic helpers, seamen, entertainers, and teachers. 

I hope that you enjoy the¬†movie trailer as much as I did.¬†When this comes out on the big¬†screen, I’m hauling A and forcing him to watch this with me. ¬†



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