Crazy Ate (8) The Night

13 Aug

I promised A that I will not blog until I finished my work and I kept my promise, much as I was tempted to drop everything and blog my head off. There were moments over the weekend when a certain experience or event or scene would strike me, and the first thing that would go through my head was “I can’t wait to put this in my blog.” As enticing as it was, I had to put the brakes on my compulsion and act as a responsible adult. Work first. Fun comes next. And blogging is soo much fun that all I can say at this point is “Finally!”

Last week was pretty hectic; three concerts in one week (Alicia Keys on Tuesday, Sharon Cuneta on Friday, and Tony Hadley on Saturday) and my body felt as if it were being punished already. By Sunday, all I wanted to do was sleep and for the first time in days, my body resisted the call of mommy duty.

“Mom, I need something,” Alex would holler. I’d drool in response.

Alphonse would tug at my hand and give me a PECS card; I’d stare at the card blankly and wonder what the heck those little pictures meant. My mind was a blank.

And A would ask me, “Do we need anything from the grocery, honey?” and I’d try to scribble a list. I think I gave him some funny chicken scrawls and squiggles on a piece of paper. A, always patient, did the groceries himself and let me just sleep in. 

Whoa, I think I’m getting a little too old for nightlife, heehee.

Still, I had such fun over the weekend. A was my concert partner, as usual (he has much more stamina for these things than me, I am constantly amazed at his endurance). I love my husband and I can’t say it enough. When I think about what I made him do over the weekend, I cringe in mock embarrassment, but I am all the more grateful that my life is blessed by this man’s love.

I mentioned that we went on three concerts, right? Well, I didn’t mention this: I brought my Hello Kitty Dress Me doll everywhere over the weekend. And A was usually the one who held “her” while I took the pictures. 🙂

Ms. Cuneta’s concert, Megathirty, on Crazy 8 night was very well attended (my review will come out soon) and I’ve never ever been disappointed in any of her shows (I’ve never missed one). Her voice is in the best condition it has ever been in recent years. Her special numbers with guests Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera were truly awe-inspiring. It made my heart swell with pride that these were homegrown talents who could stand tall with the rest of the world.

Then too, it happens in the most unexpected of places but that night, I was suddenly reunited with two old medical school classmates I haven’t seen in years. One is a well-known hepatologist (he did his residency at Yale University, completed a three-year fellowship in gastroenterology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and obtained his Master of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University – whew! that was a mouthful!) and the other is a physician who loyally serves his hometown of Tarlac and is such a talented artist that I think he’ll soon be leaving behind medicine to go into full-time graphic novel writing and drawing.  I couldn’t seem to hug them enough when I saw them. In the excitement, I forgot to take our pictures and I rued it immediately. Drat!

Mr. Hadley’s concert made up for in sheer fun what it lacked in attendance (the venue was roughly 60% full). Both concerts were held at the same venue (Araneta Coliseum) so I was able to compare the volume of crowds. What was initially a disappointing sight turned out into a blessing- we danced and jumped and hustled, and we didn’t feel like we were sardines trapped in a can. Tony Hadley still has the voice that catapulted Spanda Ballet into the ‘80s icon it was, and despite the rather poor attendance, he gave us a show to remember.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I’ll post a separate article on Kitty’s Day Out soon. Enjoy!

Megathirty 8-8-08

Kitty attends her first concert ever (in her underwear)!

Kitty enjoying the show…

Sharon Cuneta with Gary Valenciano

With daughter KC Concepcion (duet of “Dear Heart” sung in English, French, and Filipino)

KC sings “Imposible” while swinging from a wire harness

With Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera

The Pangilinan Family


Tony Hadley Concert 8-9-08

Kitty trying to steal the show, popping in and out of the video screen

Wearing Alex’s horns, watching the Sabado Boys (a crowd favorite), the front act

The man himself, Tony Hadley, a little older, a little heavier, but still as good as “Gold”

A thrilled Kittymama with her new baby (Kitty is a Brit like Mr. Hadley 🙂 )

4 Responses to “Crazy Ate (8) The Night”

  1. Charelle August 13, 2008 at 12:47 pm #

    Finally. I always look forward to reading your latest blogs. 🙂 I was a little worried when you didn’t write anything new during the weekend. 😦 Haha. Yey kittymama! I really envy you now. 😐 But not for long! Haha. That’s cos my parents and I will watch Lea Salonga’s Cinderella on my birthday (August 24)! 😀 So I’m really looking forward to it. XD Anyway, fave: “I’d drool in response”. =)) Absolutely funny! :)) Go kittymama! *cheers* *dances* Weee! Hello Kitty is Brit! Haha. Yey. :))

    I’m so happy for you, dearie. Too bad, we’re going to miss each other because our tickets are on the 22nd. But you are so lucky to have parents who love you and who’d want spend time with you. So enjoy the show and enjoy your birthday! Hugs! ~♥Kittymama

  2. manggy August 13, 2008 at 7:31 am #

    Well, I’m glad you were not disappointed by any of the concerts! (By the way, I always thought Holle Kitte was British! Cheers mate!)

    Your status report on your old classmates gives me a bit of hope that I won’t always bum around… (or sadness? Ha ha ha.) As if I had a choice!

    Loved them (although they did tire me out)! And seeing my classmates was a real unexpected pleasure. 🙂

    I don’t think you’ll have to worry about vegetating- any way you choose will surely be a path of exciting exploration for you. USMLE Step II’s next, right? Just one step at a time, kid. ~♥Kittymama

  3. julie August 21, 2008 at 1:50 pm #

    You brought Kitty to the concerts? 😀

  4. jc March 2, 2009 at 5:35 pm #

    I too have an autistic son, but I don’t take a break to see concerts as much as you do. I think it is great for you to get out there, and lucky you, saw my favorite singer Tony Hadley! He’s reforming with the rest of the members so you may see Spandau Ballet soon in world tour! By the way, another great singer who I love is Arnel Pineda- he got the golden voice and will be singing with Journey on March 14th…don’t miss it! Journey is a great live band and you won’t be dissappointed. Keep talking to your son…the pecs are helpful, especially to help with transitioning from one place to another.

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