Kitty Happy Itchy* Feet

15 Aug

My Hello Kitty Dress Me doll arrived last Wednesday from the US. I had been waiting for her for months. She was a gift A bought for me on my birthday but since the Sanrio site does not ship internationally, she had to wait in New York with other items and gifts my father-in-law was sending back home. Finally, after a month and a half of a lengthy ship voyage, she finally got home. 

I got the idea for a Kitty travelogue from Travelocity’s roaming gnome, the one who was gnomenapped from his owner’s front yard in North Carolina and is now living a shussing, jet-setting, high-rolling lifestyle. I wanted Kitty to be part of my everyday life, never mind that I do get stares from people who think of me as nuts.

Kitty got here with very scanty accoutrements, just her standard underwear and two sets of clothing (a polka dot bikini set and a Japanese yukata). They ran out of other clothing designs before I could purchase them so I guess I’ll have to start looking for them on eBay.  

I made up my mind to bring Kitty to Friday night’s concert as early as Wednesday. But I didn’t think any of her two dresses would suit the concert scene so I simply dragged her along in her underwear. A promised to bring us shopping the next day, though. 🙂

Kitty at Burgoo Gateway

Kitty at Sharon Cuneta’s concert

A celebratory stopover at Dairy Queen (Kittymama ate a moccha Kitkat blizzard)

On Saturday, we dropped by SM Megamall for a special Sanrio sale at the Atrium. I managed to pick up a few items on sale. However, I missed out on the afternoon activities (a meet and greet affair, a Kitty photo shoot, and face painting) because I went very early to avoid the crowds. Kitty managed to squeeze in some pictures, including one with an overweight Kitty cheerleader.

With Chiqui of Sanrio Surprises Megamall A

Then it was off to Trinoma for clothes shopping. My cousin had told me of an Animaland branch in Trinoma that might carry clothes for my 12-inch Kitty, and we weren’t the least bit disappointed. Animaland is much like Build-A-Bear, where you can stuff your own doll and choose clothing and accessories for them. Although there were a limited number of items for smaller female dolls like my Kitty, I did find jeans, shirts, a ballerina dress, sequined hot pants and matching blouse. The staff were very accommodating and very enthusiastic about their jobs. They even gamely posed for my camera. I liked Animaland a lot and they’re going to see much more of me soon.


With Ice (I hope I got his name right) of Animaland Trinoma

In the afternoon, before we prepared for Saturday night’s concert, Kitty and I tagged along with A to have the car’s matting changed. The car was parked near the sidewalk and people could see me taking shots of Kitty. Some smiled at me, others laughed, and yet a few others gave me shocked stares. Whatever.

Having a 12-piece car mat set fitted at Miggyboy’s

Notice Kitty’s new outfit? They didn’t have shoes in her size though. Early evening, A and I chose to have a light snack at the Gateway Food Express before heading off to the concert venue.

And at Tony Hadley’s concert, Kitty was seen jumping up and down with Kittymama. The cameras also pannned over them a few times. 🙂

The night ended with a quick repast at Cafe Bola. Here is Kitty, trying to decide on what to eat.

And before we knew it, another day was done. Kitty rested in her brand-new Disney Princess stroller because Alphonse wanted to crush her in his embrace. He was also quite intrigued with her pink ribbon. 🙂

*Yawn* Good night, Kitty!


Thirty-second note on Philippine Idioms: Itchy feet (makati ang paa) is a local idiom that means one is a gallivanter, or fond of going places  

9 Responses to “Kitty Happy Itchy* Feet”

  1. Vivi August 15, 2008 at 2:19 pm #

    ang cute!!! ;D
    hmm.. i think i have apair of small shoes here that might fit her. 😉 text me her foot measurements. 🙂

    Awww, thanks, Vivi! I’ll measure her foot and send you her measurements later. 🙂 ~♥Kittymama

  2. leirs August 15, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

    ang cute naman. nakakatuwa naman si Kitty.. never mind the stares…wala lang silang magawa ano

    Yups, I got used to the stares naman, eh! ~♥Kittymama

  3. hellokittyjunkie August 16, 2008 at 9:49 am #

    lol! Cute cute cute! (=^-^=)…

    I remember you brought a Kitty with you when you went to the Virgin Islands for a vacation, right? Which Kitty will you bring with you when you travel next? ~♥Kittymama

  4. manggy August 16, 2008 at 10:10 am #

    Hahaha! Confession: I think I would have giggled too if I’d seen you. Nothing malicious 🙂 (hindi naman shocked stare…) Plus, I’d at least have an inkling that it might be you taking the picture!

    Smart thinking re: Animaland. I would have thought you’d go to a sastre just to get some new costumes! (By the way, exotic dancer? Hindi naman… Baka GRO naman, heh heh)

    GRO…I like that… 🙂 My sister has a sewing machine which I just borrowed and I think I’ll try my hand at making doll clothes. I’ve been begging my sister to do it for me (she’s the one with the sewing gene; she used to make Barbie doll clothes for sale when we were in grade school) but she’s much too busy these days. Rats!

    I like Animaland, except the clothes are also a bit expensive (but worth it). The blouse I bought that day actually cost less than the denim pants and shirt for Kitty. Ah, I had to do it. I couldn’t have her traipsing in her underwear all day, nakakahiya.

    And I didn’t mind the giggles at all, though A was kinda miffed. Well, he was the one who held Kitty for poses, hehe. I knew he was silently praying that no one he knew would see him, but no such luck. At one of the concerts, he received a text message that said, “Sir, nice kitty you have there.” 🙂

    P.S. Hmmm, on second thought, maybe the message was referring to me? ~♥Kittymama

  5. odette August 16, 2008 at 5:41 pm #

    oh noo, ingggiiitt akooo!
    what fun you and kitty had, whew, i was smiling all the time while reading this and looking at the pictures. i can tell kitty will be one famous jetsetter too, like my aap. yes, i do keep a stuffed monkey with me everywhere. so if you see some little girl on a plane with a WWF monkey sitting on her food tray, that should be me. 🙂

  6. MerryCherry August 18, 2008 at 8:31 am #

    Cool. She’s one lucky Kitty 🙂

  7. Kate September 25, 2008 at 2:41 am #

    Even though doesn’t ship internationally, you CAN still order from their website. Just set up a US address with Bongo International,
    Then you can make purchases from any US based online store…even if they don’t ship internationally. Have the goods shipped to Bongo’s warehouse and they will consolidate all your orders and have them shipped to your door as one shipment. You can save hundreds of dollars. If you find a company that doesn’t take international credit cards, they will make the purchase for you for a small fee
    Happy Hello Kitty Shopping 🙂

  8. abbie January 23, 2009 at 3:01 am #

    i love hellokitty more shes so adorable……….

  9. Hello Kitty January 3, 2010 at 4:59 pm #

    This post made me wish I was back home enjoying all the kitty I want. Instead I’m in the middle of no where..

    Why Kitty Why!!!

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