Heading To The Right Direction

14 Jan

Finally put up the new header yesterday. I’ve been procrastinating for weeks; I know, I’ve gotten this bad. Lately, I’ve been running around the house like a headless chicken, doing one thing and dropping it as soon as another catches my fancy. I have four things going on at the same time today- from the basement library (half finished), A’s video inventory (I’ve done three boxes out of 24),  Alex’s bedroom (barely touched, aaarrrgggghhh!), and Alphonse’s schoolhouse (almost, almost finished). And all this, while we’re transitioning Alphonse from a holiday schedule to normal, everyday life. Whew! I am seriously overwhelmed.

To make things worse, I woke up at three in the morning with a killer headache. 😦  This is simply not one of my days.  

But back to the new header. Do you like it?  This Photoshopped Hello Kitty wears a “Maria Clara” dress, which is an ensemble of a “baro” ( literally a dress, in most cases, made of sheer cotton or a lacy material) and a colorful “saya” (skirt).  But I’m not stopping at this yet- I’m even trying to sew a real Filipino dress for my Build A Bear babies. I feel that wherever they may have come from (two from the US and one from Singapore), from the moment they got to me, they become Filipinos.  Weird thinking, eh? 

It’s really just a little thing, the fact that I’ve been able to finish the header and put it up. I like to think, however, that this new header is another visual reminder that will help set off this blog in the right direction this year. Yes, friends, I am not about to fold my cards and walk away- I am all in this year. (Sorry for the poker jargon.)

Which brings me to resolutions. In truth, we all have them. Who doesn’t want to be a better person? Or a better wife?  Or a better mother? Tack on to these is my wish to be a better Filipino. For better or for worse, A and I have decided to bet our lives on this country. This is where we have decided to put down roots, despite the often irresistable call of migration and of better opportunities in other lands. This is home for us, and we can do no better than to aspire to be the kind of people this land truly deserves.

 And so, I bid goodbye to kitty-header-3-smallcopythe cute header of the past year to make way for a new one. One that reflects the Filipino in me. One that commits to being a better Filipino each day. Welcome the New Year, new header, and new headings.


One Response to “Heading To The Right Direction”

  1. Manggy January 19, 2009 at 1:13 am #

    That’s a good resolution, Kittymama, and I wish you well on it 🙂 (It’ll be an effort seeking out all the proudly-Filipino products!)

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