Anyone Can Dream


Overheard last week in our home:

Mama (noticing Alphonse watching American Idol on television): Hey, Alphonse, do you want to be an American Idol?

Alphonse nods “Yes”

Alex: But you can’t sing! 

(Big deal! Alphonse doesn’t talk either. )

Alphonse nods “Yes” again.

Alex: Do you want to sing?

Alphonse shakes his head. “No. No.”

Alex: But you still want to be an American Idol?

Alphonse: “Yes. Yes.”

Alex rolls over in laughter. Alphonse beams.

2 thoughts on “Anyone Can Dream

  1. Hahahah! Well, Alphonse could easily beat a lot of those “talents” they let through to the next round.

    Personally, I wish he could go all kung fu fighting all over that Tatiana girl and whup her upside the head a time or two … hundred … thousand …

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