Love In A Time Of Grief

23 Jul

05_08_8---Cross-at-Sunset_webTonight, A, Alex, and I attended a vigil mass in honor of the father of Alex’s classmate and friend, G. After classes today, the parents and young men of Alex’s high school class gathered together to pay their respects to G’s dad and show their support for their brother.

It has been five days since G’s dad passed away in unexpected circumstances that have devastated their family. The boys were on a spiritual retreat Friday night and were awakened from deep slumber with the sudden news of G’s dad’s passing. Many wept with G as they received the news. Many found themselves in tight embraces, weeping and consoling each other. Brothers-in-class that they were, that moment, they simply became brothers.

As we celebrated mass in G’s dad’s memory, I had to swallow back my tears many times. I have never seen these boys in somber circumstances; these boys are often clowns, always joking, always able to bring out laughter from all of us. But tonight, they stood as brave young men, their lives touched with the sorrow of one of their own. They clung to each other in groups and propped each other with encouragement and kind words. I hope that G, in the center of their group embrace, found strength and love when he most needed it.

I was amazed at G’s composure and maturity. G is a natural leader, an inspiration to many of his more jocular classmates. Even Alex is in awe of him. When the “commander” (their good natured nickname for G) speaks, everyone listens. And tonight, we all did. In his short speech before the end of mass, he said that before this, his life had not weathered many storms. This would be his biggest, most difficult test. I almost cried then, were it not for G’s calm demeanor. He misses his dad very much, he said, but he had faith that where his dad is, it is where the Lord is. To see such faith in the face of adversity makes my heart sing and weep at the same time.

To G, his mom, and his brothers, you are all in our prayers and our hearts are with you.  God bless you all.


2 Responses to “Love In A Time Of Grief”

  1. odette July 24, 2009 at 3:56 pm #

    my prayers goes for him and his family too, it’s painful to lose someone you love, let alone your own father or brother or husband. but what an inspiring speech, he made me cry too.

    Thank you for the prayers, Odette. I know that with our prayers, G and his family will be alright someday. Hugs, dear friend! ~♥Kittymama

  2. NinJas! July 28, 2009 at 9:28 am #

    It takes a lot of wisdom and faith to fully surrender to the Lord’s will. What an inspiring and admirable young man. Would that we could all have even just a fraction of his unwavering faith.

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