Great Transformer Groupie

26 Jul
GTD 01

Great Transformer Day, Robinson's Galleria

To A, with all my love. I miss you, honey.

If you’ve never seen grown men become feral over toys, ehr, collectible action figures, all you need to do is come on a Great Transformers Day mall tour.

On a day such as this, they come in surprising numbers. They wait in droves, squeezed in uncomfortably close quarters where space is such a premium that elbows and knees often meet other parts of the anatomy. They bump and mash and ground as they jostle for space, turning into an unrecognizable throng of  Transformers-addicted men. They may be the gentlest of gentlemen in real life, but they can be literally transformed into crowds of unruly hands seeking for the prize of their collection. (And I thought Hello Kitty junkies have got it bad. Whew!)

GTD 03

Transformers Exhibit and Toy Sale at Sky Dome, SM North EDSA

GTD 04

Transformers Exhibit at Eastwood Mall

GTD 06

Transformers Philippine Toy Launch, SM Megamall

Things can get out of hand at times. Adult men with a little more testosterone than others jostle and elbow, grab at boxes, and rummage through the items on display, sometimes without regard for their fellow collectors. Sometimes, they do remind me of Howard Langston (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the deranged postal worker (played by Sinbad) in “Jingle All The Way.” But you know what’s even worse?   A few hoard and resell them at inflatedly high prices. 😦

Okay, I admit I’ve been a groupie myself for a few months now. I’ve done the run of the major malls, following Cybertron Philippines’ exhibits where they go, showing up as early as opening time to get first dibs on choice items or even just to gawk and stare at elaborately set-up collections. All for the love of A.

GTD 02

A with the vehicle Optimus Prime

What else do I do in the middle this throng? Well, I wait till A is done. I hold his packages. I hold his place in line till he says he’s had enough. I take pictures of amazing collections and drool at the displays. I talk with the other mommies or wives in line, enjoying ourselves as our men make fools of themselves the way we do with, say, hello kitty, hehe. And I even get A to pose for the occasional picture with a large Transformer display figure. 

GTD 05

Pensive A, probably wishing those were his (hehe)

Yet more than a Transformers fan (and I am one, believe me), I really like to think of myself as A’s groupie. It takes very little to make him happy, and if it means sticking out my elbows and knees just to get a place in line, I’d gladly do it anytime, anywhere, for him. Even on Great Transformers Days such as these.


2 Responses to “Great Transformer Groupie”

  1. NinJas! July 28, 2009 at 9:09 am #

    aaaawwwww ….

  2. Manggy July 29, 2009 at 12:15 pm #

    You’re so sweet! I’m sure A appreciates it very much. (And if you don’t do it, he can always bring up Holle Kitte… Kidding!)

    “blush* Thanks! ~♥Kittymama

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