Hello Kitty Crocs

They’re often called “the ugliest shoes on the planet.” Some call them  a fashion nightmare, shoes made only for the fashion-impaired. And still some call them an outright abomination in a world of Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks.

my favorite crocs

My favorite Crocs

Me? I like Crocs. Really. Okay, I just don’t like them, I love them, judging from the number of pairs I’ve accumulated over the last two years. I have them in almost all the colors of my wardrobe, in the following styles: Cayman, Baya,  Malindi, Sassari, Cleo, Alice, and my all-time favorite- Celeste. And I do wear them everyday. In fact, at my brother’s wedding last December, after the mandatory photo shoot, I changed into Crocs right away, hidden discreetly under my couturier-designed gown.

You see, I’m not much for heels and girly shoes, except when absolutely, no-way-around-it necessary. They may look glamorous, but these architecturally-challenged creations can cut off circulation at the feet. The last time I wore an enormously sexy pair of gold and Swarovski-studded 3-1/2 inch stilettos (which set A back quite a lot of bucks too) was at my sister-in-law’s wedding many years ago; I didn’t feel my feet again till three days later. And so I learned that the beautiful and alluring Christian Louboutin shoes that Sandra Bullock wears in “The Proposal” may conjure images of men licking your toes (though I wonder if this is actually a good idea — saliva + feet= ewww!), but they can hurt. Like Hell.

I’m not giving up my Crocs. I’ll give away all my Havianas (they give me blisters, by the way, and leave strap marks on my feet after a few hours of wear), and I’ll sell all my girly shoes and heels for a pittance, but you’ll have to pry my Crocs off my cold dead feet before I give them up for the sake of fashion.

crocs 01b copyAnd here’s yet another reason for sticking to my Crocs — Hello Kitty Crocs, what else!

For Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday this year, Sanrio and Crocs collaborated on a special line of HK Cayman Crocs. They come in two designs for adults and two designs for kids. I got my first pairs when A went on a business trip to Malaysia and Singapore recently and brought them as homecoming gifts. I love them! (See me showing them off- the pasty white feet and ankles are mine, heehee!)

crocs 02 copy crocs 03 copy crocs 04 copy

And here’s even better news — they’re already in the country! As of Sunday, August 16, Crocs Bonifacio High Street branch has the complete line of shoes and jibbitz.  Trinoma and Greenbelt 5 branches will also have them soon (a call to Crocs Trinoma late Sunday afternoon confirmed this, but as of yesterday, they only had jibbitz, while Crocs Greenbelt couldn’t give me a definite date). My husband and I couldn’t wait, so early Sunday morning, he and I got my second set at Crocs Bonifacio High Street. My, I am indeed a spoiled Kitty girl, ehrm, Kittymama.

hk crocs store 02

With Yasmine and Irish of Crocs Bonifacio High Street

hk crocs store 03

Photo before leaving- with my second set! 🙂

Bonifacio High  Street Unit No. 1G09 Quadrant 7, Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig City 02- 8561358  
Ayala Greenbelt 5 2nd Level Greenbelt 5, Ayala, Makati City 02- 7290480  
Ayala – Trinoma Level M2 Trinoma Mall, North Ave., Pag-asa, Quezon City 02- 9166107 

By the way, if you have the Ayala card (A Plus card), be sure to use it to get 5% off your purchases. You can use your savings for the jibbitz, hehe. And oops, before I forget, they give away a free HK Crocs canvas bag for every purchase, but they’ve got limited stocks so hurry and get yours now!

hk crocs bag-freebie

hk crocs bag-freebie

hk crocs jibbitz

hk crocs jibbitz

 (P.S. This is NOT a paid post.)

5 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Crocs

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  2. hiya pinks,

    GOT EM coz of your great tip and LOVE EM to bits!!! too bad my bony feet don’t look nice in the lovely fuschia pink cayman design for adults. good thing the biggest cayman size for kids fit…or should i say…i was able to squish my feet in em…hehehehe. bought a coupla hk jibitzes too hihihihi :D.

    Me too! We’re lucky we got the freebie bags because the salesperson told me they were really only limited in number. Yay for early birds, hehe. ~♥Kittymama

  3. ♥Kittymama ,

    Meow! I love your blog… a lot! I’m a kittyholic too… I saw the Kitty Crocs, kittykat’s gonna get that! Finally I can get the orig HK jbtz (coz I am using the ones I bought in greenhills)… I just finished invading McDonald’s once again for their happy meal in line with HK’s 35th bday… Haha, sobrang napurga na kami sa burger mcdo and chicken mcdo, pero it’s all for HK’s sake! How much yung Crocs na HK?! THANK YOU! ~.^

    It’s PhP2175, if I’m not mistaken, and the jibbitz around PhP200 for two pieces. Go get them while they still have freebies. Crocs gateways has them already, as also Crocs Galleria, aside from Trinoma, Greenbelt 5, and Bonifacio High Street.
    And don’t feel bad about eating too much McDonald’s happy meals for the next four weeks, hindi ka nag-iisa! Since I am on a diet, my husband and kids eat the meals while I get the toys. I only have seven left to collect and I’m done with the first set. Second set naman! (I can hear them groaning na, hehe) 🙂 ~♥Kittymama

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