To Stella, With Love

21 Oct

I found this in my comments box this morning when I logged in to check for messages. I thought Stella deserved a post of her own, so one hand less notwithstanding, I am posting a reply for her. (One easy thing about posts- one can always cut and paste, heehee. 🙂 )

Stella’s note reads:

hi, got to read your blog when i was surfing for materials on autism. my six year old daughter was diagnosed with ASD when she was four. although, now she talks and reads very well, even advance of her age in her prep class, she has some of the behaviors you have mentioned in this article — she does not want a pony tail hair, or any hair accessories, does not like going to a parlor for a hair cut, prefers soft and cotton clothes….

i would appreciate if you can help me how to join the autism Society of the Philippines. I am basically living in Surigao City, Mindanao, Phils.


Kittymama’s reply:

Dear Stella,

Thank you for visiting my blog. One of the reasons I keep doing this is that it helps me reach other people in my advocacy for autism. If even once in a while, a reader searching for information on autism stumbles into my blog, picks up a few things and is made all the better for it, then all these would have been worth it.

I hope this answers your query on joining the ASP. I’ve long held the belief that “Autism is not a boat for one.” We all need a little helping hand along the way, be it someone to talk to or even someone to ask questions of.  The world can be an open, encouraging place for parents like us looking for answers- if we only learn to ask. I am certainly happy you did.   

 Autism Society Philippines has 37 chapters all over the Philippines. Using this map I found via google search, I’ve highlighted the cities with ASP chapters in green to give all of us an idea of where these can be found in relation to your home city, Surigao City, which is highlighted in yellow. 

Below are the contact information for the different Mindanao chapters of ASP as listed in this ASP page.

President: Ms. Angie R. Abellanosa
166 Villa de Oro Kauswagan
9000 Cagayan de Oro City
Tel No: (082) 3506288
Mobile No: 0921-5927742
President: Mr. Eric D. Dela Costa
13 Carnation Circle Ladislawa
Garden Village 8000 Davao City
Tel No: (082) 2278420
Fax No: (082) 2279609
Mobile No: 0917-9058739
Representative: Ms. Mira del Rosario
L5 B6 Pioneer Village, Lagao
9500 General Santos City
Tel No: (Res) (083) 553-1280

Tel No: (Off) (083) 302-6745
Fax No: (083) 380-7297
Mobile No: 0915-5598791

President: Mr. Miguel Y. Lasala III
III Cuadro Ocho, Inc.
Que Avenue Extension
9200 Iligan City
Telefax No: (063) 492-3873
Mobile No: 0917-7161254

President: Ms. Angeli Parmanand
315 Sta. Maria St.
7000 Zamboanga City
Tel No: (062) 993-1617
Mobile No: 0928-9633670

Hope these help you, Stella. I wish you and your daughter all the best,



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