1 Dec

Years ago, I would never have thought that being without an Internet connection could be so crippling. Back then, we didn’t even have broadband subscription at home; what we had was one of those connections that required a prepaid card to access. I think I’ve really grown spoiled and soft around the edges. Waking up one morning not connected to the Net feels much like a nightmare, especially for one who has grown so dependent on it. From morning news over a cup of hot coffee, to correspondence sent at a touch of a button, to social interactions via networking sites, to research for an article, to blogging, to getting maps for a trip,  my whole life seems to revolve around the Net.

And so here I am, hanging out the local Internet cafe in my dinky neighborhood. It’s a veritable hole in the wall, with absolutely  no frills, not even airconditioning. Being without Internet access at home has reduced me to a snivelling Net junkie trying to get her daily fix of this addictive technology. 

While Globe Broadband tries to sort its connection and server problems, I must wait patiently and sever the umbilical cord temporarily. I will return as soon as my connection is up but until then, my Sylvanians are waiting for me.

Hope to see you again and soon!



2 Responses to “Disconnected”

  1. Joanna December 1, 2009 at 1:59 pm #

    Hey fellow Sylvanian addict! maybe we can collaborate in making our collections grow. What do you think? You may contact me through my email..
    I’m looking forward to your response =)

    • Kittymama December 2, 2009 at 11:04 am #

      Hi, Joanna. Finally a fellow Sylvanian lover! I did make new friends at the GB5 party. Did we meet at the Greenbelt affair too? 🙂 Will send you email. 🙂

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