Christmas In The Family

29 Dec

A with nephew JR

Finally, with the holidays fast coming to an end, the presents have almost all been given away. Alphonse’s stealth missions (aka Operation “Open-and Destroy”) have been thwarted quite successfully, save for two separate occassions when he managed to unwrap, destroy, or eat the presents before we can get to him. Gifts we have not yet sent out are locked safely in the spare bedroom, all scheduled for this weekend’s delivery run.

The truth is, despite my complaints, I loved Christmas this year, as I do every year.  Alphonse, for all his unrelenting mischief with presents, actually did quite well this holiday season.  Even without a teacher (who went on leave for the holidays and left us without a substitute) and even with unexpected major blips in his schedule (family gatherings, reunions, and impromptu visits), Alphonse held himself together rather well. Of course, sometimes, one could hear Alphonse’s bloodcurdling screams echo in the house, and whenever he could find an audience, he would whine, whimper and protest in his crackling man-voice. Still, there was nothing more serious than horror-movie sound effects, and for that, we are extremely thankful. 

Joyce, Roel and JR

On the 19th, we shared an early Christmas dinner with A’s sister, Joyce, and her family. We don’t often see each other so this opportunity to come together was extra special for us. Joyce, Roel, and JR spend the yearly holidays with Roel’s family in the province so this would be our only celebration with A’s side of the family for the entire season.  JR kept us laughing throughout the night, as he regaled us with songs and stories. We sang karaoke with him, rapped and danced, and simply goofed around. It’s always nice to have a little one in the house (though he’d be the first to say that at seven going eight, he is not so little anymore).

The Christmas Spread

On the 24th, it was Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings at my parents’ home. We managed to complete the cast of five kids and their spouses and children (just four on our side, and three almost fully grown at ages 16, 15, and 14), as well as the special guests for the night, our cousins whom we haven’t seen in a while. Anj and Ernest brought their three little ones – Enzo, Pao, and Gab; Yna and Windell came with Naomi and Noah. Then there was my little nephew Sese, my sister’s son, who at age two, amazed us with a ballroom dance routine (you should see him tango!). These little kids made the difference in an otherwise adult celebration. It really isn’t Christmas without little kids in the house and watching them scamper and play, they brought so much joy to the celebration.

Here are some pictures from the celebration:

Yellow and black are the colors of our Christmas.

A and Kittymama, tired but happy

More yellow and black

Holiday cost-cutting: Christmas and campaign shirts in one

Daddy with the early attendees

  From left: Yna, Windell, Noah, Daddy, Ate E, Arielle, Naomi and Kuya J

My favorite photo of the season

It’ll be New Year soon, and on the start of the year, we pray for love to grow in our family. We pray for God’s grace for our parents  and continuous peace and love in the lives of our brothers and sisters. Some are not here, and some have made a choice to distance themselves from us, but wherever they may be at this moment, we think of all of them with fondness and with love.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  

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