Last Song Syndrome

13 Jan

I woke up unusually late this morning, feeling sluggish and slowheaded. As much as I wanted to crawl back under the covers and get a few more hours of shuteye, I had to get up, else, Alphonse will follow and sleep through the day as well.

I know I should not have stayed up last night to  finish Stephen King’s new 1074-page novel, “Under The Dome.”  (What can I say? Stephen King’s magic is sooo back!) What I really wanted to do was finish my dollhouse and take some pictures but the book, waiting for me since New Year, beckoned. I could not resist.

Guess what woke me up from this numbing stupor.


Video Details
Title: The World is Saying Hello (Kitty)
By: The Sanrio Digital Frequency featuring Chantal
Music: Greg Chun
Lyrics: Jason Mayland
© Sanrio Digital 2009

Have a happy Hello Kitty day, friends!

One Response to “Last Song Syndrome”

  1. Manggy January 19, 2010 at 5:54 am #

    Have a great day Kittymama! (I would’ve added “Hello Kitty” to the day but I suspect every day for you is one! 😉

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