The Ties That Bind

4 Mar

The falling out happened unexpectedly. It’s difficult to know now exactly what started it, only that it did. Strange how things unraveled so fast. One minute they were as thick as thieves, the best of friends, the next, torn apart by some imagined slight that it was difficult to find a common ground for friendship. Lies expertly peddled by some, inaction and indifference in others, and promises made, yet all too carelessly broken, widened the rift, pushing them apart.

Now, it is twelve years later.

Save for a brief period of uneasy truce the year their mother died, they have not spoken a word to each other. Yes, they are brothers, separated today by oceans and the past of all those years. There is little to be said still. After all, how does one start? How does one rip open hearts that have healed to reexamine past misdeeds? How does one forget pain?

And yet, it is time. Not to look back, but to look forward. Behind them, there is nothing but the gaping hole of those twelve years. Much has happened in those years. Their families thrived, their children have grown. There is much history lost. Before them, however, is a whole new future where their children may know each other and know that, beyond everything else, they will always be blood and kin.  

This is my hope. This is my prayer.


2 Responses to “The Ties That Bind”

  1. leirs March 7, 2010 at 2:57 am #

    I don’t know what to say except that I know how you feel… Hugs mare!!! You are certainly right with Move on and Move Forward!


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    […] been our only link in this world of tenous ties. Shallow as it was, for me, it was a hold on a future of peace and grace I could try to create for my children and theirs. I had sent one of them an e-mail before I had known I was unfriended, blocked and deleted; silence […]

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