Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to Kittymama’s Sylvanian Stories. Today’s story is:

A Day in The Sylvanian Market

It was time to do the groceries again and Mama decided to drop by the Sylvanian Market to check out their new items. Papa wanted to get himself some dried herbs from the apothecary and Mama thought Baby could use a new dress.

The Sylvanian Market

The Sylvanian Market was filled with lots of things. Mama could not decide whether…

Alex: Uhm, ehrm… Excuse me, Mama.

Mama: Err… what is it?

Alex: (points to cat mother and baby mouse and starts laughing)

 That’s not her baby! That’s her dinner!

Oh, my. Kids. Got to love them.

9 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

    • More guts and gore and that baby mouse would’ve jumped out of his seat- poor baby! And that’s the farthest I will go with suggested violence as Sylvanian Families are meant for a GP (general patronage) audience. 🙂

    • Yes, shobe, this is the display I bought where everything is superglued down so I can’t remove anything lest I destroy the building. Which explains why the mama cat has a mouse for a baby. Totally not my choice of families. 🙂

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