Keeping Our Cool

I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before. It’s a brilliant idea – one that Alphonse came up himself  – to deal with the heat and reduce electric consumption at the same time. That boy is a smarty in disguise. 🙂

At lunchtime today, the kids and I turned off all the lights, fans, airconditioners and other electric appliances (refrigerators exempted) inside the house and headed outside to the shaded garage. We have an Intex easy-set family pool (eight feet in diameter, height of 30 inches, can accommodate a volume of 639 gallons) that’s been up since the start of this long summer. Mindful of the water shortage, we have kept the water level low at around eight inches. This makes changing it and re-using it for cleaning much easier.

The pool easily accommodates six regular-sized adults sitting up, so the kids and I sat down inside the pool and enjoyed this water for a few hours. Alex and I played Harry Potter UNO with plastic laminated cards;  we turned over a bucket and used that as our table. Alphonse poured water into different containers. When they got bored from sitting with their mama, Alphonse took off, bubbles in hand. Alex then got his guitar and played his repertoire of songs.

We had lunch outside, too, on our plastic lawn furniture. When we got hot, we went back inside the pool, poured water over our heads, and played UNO again. By the time the kids were ready to call it a day, the worst of the sun’s heat had already dissipated. We had saved a few hours of electricity and enjoyed each other’s company at the same time. Alphonse really loved the time with his brother, staying inside the pool only as long as Alex was in it. And Alex finally disengaged himself from his game consoles and handhelds, even if only for a while.

Me? I got a lot of kisses from Alphonse and even one, grudgingly, from the UNO loser, heehee.

Not a bad afternoon, really. 

8 thoughts on “Keeping Our Cool

  1. wow….sarap po talaga mag babad sa pool lalo na after lunch time kung saan super init po…..kami din po ng mga kids ko ganyan ginagawa halos araw-araw ( medyo malaki na naman bill sa water ) pero sulit po ang bonding namin….having 3 boys na super kukulit…..:) enjoy the summer…..:)

    • Naku, I am very conscious about water conservation in the household so Alphonse has to do with eight inches of water every few days (ten, if I am feeling generous, haha). And even then, we reuse the water for cleaning and for flushing the toilets. Pag mataas kasi ang water level, ang hirap gamitin lahat and I worry about dengue too (Alphonse’s mom is a worrywort, obviously). Buti na lang, Alphonse doesn’t complain… a lot. 🙂 Happy summer (the rains are here!).

  2. Hmmm, Sese and I want in on the action! Although with Sese in the pool you might have yeyow water in no time flat. Yikkkk!

    • Yikkk talaga! I don’t like yeyow water, hehe. Sese will need waterproof underpants before we let him sit with us. Buy na!

    • Just make sure to put something underneath it (like rubber mats), DaddyF, because the bottom isn’t as cushy and comfy as quilted pools. We set it up in the garage to get a little shade but Alphonse does splash a lot of water all over the place. 🙂 Oh, well, can’t win them all.

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