Sylvanian Families Party 2010

Just dropped in for a while to post this. I know I owe many, many people my sincerest thanks for making my birthday extra special and I promise to get on it right away tomorrow. As tired as I am from a long day (and an even longer weekend), I wanted to end my birthday with this special announcement for a second Sylvanian Families Party on June 27. I found this announcement posted in Ban Kee’s promotions page but I have yet to see a real life poster or banner announcing this.

The good news is that a Sylvanian Families Party is always fun, with lots of freebies and activities to highlight the event. The bad news is already, I know I will not be able to make it to this event as the last weekend of June is already filled up in my calendar. Arrrgggghhh! And I thought I asked the Ban Kee rep to please, please, please not schedule it on this weekend. Epic Arrrgggghhhh! (What was I thinking?)

Still, I hope people come and make this a success. In the long run, it’ll make this toy line’s presence in the country more vibrant and more exciting for collectors and non-collectors alike.

Save the date, folks! 🙂

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