New Sylvanian Additions

6 Jul

I uploaded new pictures on the New Additions page this afternoon.

In the almost one year I have been collecting Sylvanian Families, it’s not always easy to follow rules in purchasing items. I can honestly say that I purchase everything our local toy stores put out, using monthly guides to follow releases and crossing them out from the list as I acquire them. I have also tried to adhere to a self-made rule- collecting within themes or completing individuals of the same families before jumping on to something else.

This is a great challenge particularly since our local distributor, Ban Kee, does not seem to consider themes in releasing new items. Having released the ballroom set and the new Regency Hotel in succession, for example, I would have expected the butler and maid sets to follow as well. The caravan and car value set (I also got the caravan and the blue family car separately) would have gone well with the outdoor barbecue set, the camping set, or something along the line.   

This seemingly random choices in new releases upset my obsessive-compulsive/control freak personality, and I spend as much time collecting as running after things to complete these themes. Moreover, I become more determined to make sure that I don’t forget the lonely critters that live alone. Thus,

  • Christopher Appleblossom of the Watermill Bakery gets joined by his wife Jane and daughter Justina;
  • The Woodland Bus becomes operational with the arrival of the Butlers, Stan and Olive;
  • Betty Blackberry is reunited with her husband Bob and daughters Ingrid and Yvette;
  • Angeles, Oliver and Harriet Bearbury find their way back to Mama Angela 
  • and families (the Evergreens, the Wildwoods, the Maces, the Bearburys, and the Whiskers) are joined by grandparents – my favorites of all Sylvanians.

I missed out on the Sylvanian Families Party last June 27 but as expected, I’ve already done my homework by checking all in-store items. I have also made a priority list so that I don’t necessarily blow all my money in one go. As far as it pains me to wait, I do have to wait a while to complete the items. Some of the newly-released items are critters I already own, like the Striped Cat family members, which I got as individuals from Japan, unlike the local release which pairs them with accessories. As such, I can choose not to get them at all and free my budget for other stuff.

In the meantime, I try not to think about what I don’t have yet and focus more on what I do have. And I do have a lot, really, considering that seventeen new boxes made their way to my son’s already cramped room in the last week alone. 🙂 But please don’t tell him I told you that. He’s been nagging me alreadyto clear out the Sylvanians from his room, heehee.


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