Need Kitty Love

I’m nursing a rather bad cold and right now, all I really want to do is curl up in bed and wait to be pampered with room service. But this being a household of an unusually hyperactive teenager (these last few days have been really manic for Alphonse), I guess I’d have to content myself with a cup of coffee in bed and a Kindle to cuddle up with. Room service might seem like a farfetched dream right now, but I hope it comes true when my husband comes home tonight. I need some babying, for goodness sakes!

And since we’re on the subject of what I need, aside from a working list of new Sylvanians, how about this for starters?

HK Nerds laptop case

I absolutely love Hello Kitty Nerd designs. Of all the newer designs in the past year, this one resonated with me the most. I have a red HK Nerds shirt and a scarf my husband got from Torrid and a Loungefly HK Nerds wallet from Sanrio Luxe. Now, wouldn’t my laptop look even cooler with this?

Made of neoprene and PVC, this fits smaller laptops such as the 13-inch MacBook.  It’s certainly perfect for my own laptop. (*dropping hints all over*)

Okay, back to bed for me now. If you see anything cool in Kitty world, give me a holler, would you? I need me some Kitty love right now.

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