Sylvanian Rant

I suppose I am disappointed; perhaps a part of me commiserates with my friend Tanja’s woes on her recent Sylvanian purchases.  But can anyone explain why the picture on the box doesn’t match the items inside the box? For toys as expensive and as old as Sylvanian Families, you’d think they’d be more keen on maintaining their reputation for honesty in advertising but apparently, Sylvanian buyers have to watch out what they’re buying too.

I’ve had the Nursery School Bus set (figure included) for a few months now but I only got around to opening it today to set it up for pictures. I was expecting to see a light-colored bear figure, but was surprised to find that what I got was the Timbertop dad in his original duds. Of course, I could always pretend that Father Taylor Timbertop was subbing or even moonlighting for the original bus driver, but it’s still not the same. I’ve tried to look for the name and type of bear in the box’s picture, but so far, no luck there. Maybe I’ll ask my friends at the forum.

Below is a picture of the box I have. Notice the light colored figure. Is it even a bear? I can’t honestly tell. (But he is cute!)

And this is what I got, the Timbertop dad in his original clothing, and not the checkered green and white jumper of the original bus driver.

I wouldn’t really mind getting the Timbertop dad if only I did not have the complete Timbertop family (below) already. It kind of makes me wish they even had different clothes so I could pretend they were brothers or cousins, and not identical twins.

Then again, it could be much, much worse. A few months ago, the Woodland Bus (without the driver and conductor) became available in the malls. I had to purchase the driver and conductor set elsewhere to complete the set, only to find out that Ban Kee, the local distributor for Sylvanian Families in the country, recently released a new Woodland Bus set with two figures included- for the same price!  Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Another time, they released the caravan and green family car value set after releasing the blue family car and caravan separately! Double aaarrrgggghhhh! (Now you know why I have two caravans.)

Don’t get me wrong. I still love Sylvanian Families and these disappointments notwithstanding, they are fabulous toys to collect and play with. I hope, however, that Epoch/Flair/International Playthings value their patrons’ satisfaction and happiness as much as we value their products. It would certainly make a lot of collectors happy. 🙂

P.S.Recent update:  Now I have two Woodland Buses and the free figures too! I am happy! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sylvanian Rant

  1. I can see why you’d be a little upset over this. I think the light brown figure is cuter than the one you got. But, it’s better than no figure at all, right? (Like in the case of your bus…)

  2. The same happened to me. The Timbertop bears (celebration edition) were seperated and distributed inside various playsets in the UK. I noted on my website how I received all the family members through buying different things.

    I think the bear on the box is Father Petite. ^_^

      • Thanks for the info, P-angel. I haven’t come across the honeybear bears (teehee!), thus, I thought that it was a single figure much like the postman or the doctor. 🙂

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