Secrets Of A Foolish Heart

I can’t keep this secret any longer. I have to tell the truth. It’s been eating at me for years now, this little piece of me hidden to everyone but a few close friends. I know I should have come clean long before this time, but I thought I could keep this shame hidden forever. 

Yes, it was a mistake. This fling or whatever we may have called it then. Was it serious? Yes. No. I don’t know. I didn’t expect to fall so soon. I saw you and I was smitten. Foolishly, I thought we could make a lasting relationship. But deep inside, I also realized I was hurting another, betraying another, forgetting another. 

And then you chose someone else. Someone more like you, you said. Someone who came from the same background, you tried to explain. Someone who enjoyed those lazy nights by the pond, who loved baseball and boomerangs and snails. Someone who understood your need to be accepted by your family and friends. Someone NOT me. 

As much as it hurt me then, I had to make a choice. Three years after I first met you, I closed my heart to you. I gave all your keepsakes away and threw out all the memories. And save for one- a little tape recorder I have kept all throughout these years- I let you go as freely as the day I let you in into my life. 

This secret is out now. I unburden myself before the whole world so I can move on without shame. 

I’m sorry, Keroppi, but you hurt me and I don’t think I can ever forgive you. 



When my heart loved another (I'm sorry, Hello Kitty!)

 This “whirwind romance” with Keroppi happened while I was still in medical school. I was the “frog girl” of my class and even from afar, people knew who I was because I always sported a Keroppi backpack (see picture above, right) filled with Keroppi school supplies and even Keroppi medical accessories.  Keroleen’s entry into the scene changed the dynamics of my relationship with Keroppi and we broke up. It was a good thing my good friend Hello Kitty welcomed me back into the fold. I have stayed away from Keroppi , Keroleen, and the Troublesome Trio ever since.  

By the way, this is an absolutely true story. 


10 thoughts on “Secrets Of A Foolish Heart

  1. *I* used to be the kitty girl till you stole her from me!

    Okay, okay, i admit i ditched her for minna no tabo first, but still…!

    • Well, yes, duh! I still have parts of your collection, hehehe. You have to admit, I enable your Minna collection naman. Now, to make you fork over the rest of your kitties… *threatening, menacing look*

    • Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Charie. I really appreciate it. It seems I’ve found a whole lot more of people who have had brief “flings” with Hello Kitty’s friends, hehe. But you’re right, there’s always Kitty to give comfort. 🙂

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