Autism For A Day

31 Oct

I will join Communication Shutdown, a global fundraiser for autism tomorrow. Not only am I shutting down my Facebook and Twitter pages for a day but I will not be going online in this blog tomorrow. This campaign seeks to highlight the difficulties of communication people with autism live with everyday. As a mother of a nonverbal young man with severe autism, I know only too well of these difficulties in language and communication; my son lives with them every single day.

If you’d like to join this campaign and donate to raise funds for autism awareness, please make your way over to this page.

I’ll be back on November 2, with new pictures and more details of the 3rd OC Blog Birthday Giveaway that’s coming soon!

In the meantime, while you’re here, may I ask you all kind folks to look at the newest widget on the right side of this page and say a prayer for Jude, a little boy who’s going through chemotherapy today? His mom and I were classmates in grade school and though we haven’t seen each other since 7th Grade, we have since been reconnected through Facebook. I have only learned of six-year-old Jude’s plight a few days ago. I know Jude only through his pictures and the stories his mom proudly shares of him and his brother, but from what I have heard and read, he is a funny, witty kid with a lot of heart. I know he doesn’t know us but I have always believed that good intentions, well wishes, and sincere prayers always find their way to their destination. Let us send him and his family love and light today to give them strength and hope for the following days.

So to you, dear sweet Jude, we send you a million kisses to numb your pain, a million hugs to warm your day, and a million prayers to make you stay. God bless you always.


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