Three Days Before Christmas

22 Dec

Three days before Christmas and I am still rushing.

The good news is that I’m almost done with everything, save for the final preparations for the Noche Buena, the customary Christmas Eve dinner Filipinos celebrate as part of the season’s traditions. Because we’ve planned for Christmas Eve mass on the 24th, everything that needs more than stir frying must be prepared ahead of time. The embutido (Filipino style meatloaf), for example, will have to be done tomorrow. Same goes for the meaty Italian lasagna my boys requested. The roasting chickens will have to be marinated overnight in the freezer.  The Chinese boneless ham has already been pre-sliced and will soak up the marinade a few hours before baking on the 24th. As you can see, the Noche Buena is often a feast of larger-than-everyday-life proportions and if I had to do them all on the same day, I’d probably never get out of the kitchen.    

I’m done with wrapping presents, yay! I spent all of Monday wrapping gifts, from 10 in the morning till seven in the evening, and then again, at eleven in the evening till midnight. I finished the rest last night. Thank God for gift bags because they cut down the time I would have spent on wrapping gifts. Unfortunately, even major retailers are running out of them, so I had to accept gift bags that were too large for the items I bought. Still, a little ingenuity paid off. By folding the bags in half and taping them down, I made little teepees that looked, ehrm, quite cute. I would have wanted to repurpose the bags and trim them to size, but at midnight last night, the teepees were all my brain could manage to assemble.  

This afternoon, we will be joining Alex in his school’s Christmas Mass. We are excited because his class will sing for the Mass which will be witnessed by the whole Ateneo high school community. They’ve been practicing for nearly a month now and we can’t wait to hear them fill the covered courts with their voices. I also look forward to coming together with my co-parents, many of whom have become my dearest friends. It’s always fun to be with them any time of the year.

I am running through my check list mentally even as I write this. Gifts, check. Food prep, check. Decorations, well… okay, I concede in that department. The nannies did much of the work this year, surprising me with the decorated tree and garlands. They did a good job too! 🙂 We did not put up the lights anymore because more than once, Alphonse has grabbed the tree and shaken it vigorously (as he would do with a certain someone’s hair years ago -mine!) so it seemed dangerous and foolish to tempt fate and add electricity to the mix. Fortunately, Alphonse seems to be calming down again, and although we still have occasional problems with sleeping (he slept at 3:40 am last Saturday), he is mending well and will be back to full steam by end of the year.

Sigh. Things may seem a little tense in the rush, as I hope I have not forgotten anyone. Truth is, I am almost always bone tired at the end of the day (imagine the traffic, the crowds, the prices!). Then again, when you see the smiles on your friends and loved ones’ faces, all the hard work becomes worth every second of your short-lived sacrifice. Hmmm….

So change what I said earlier… Three days before Christmas and I am good.

Here’s to a Merry Christmas to everyone! 🙂


2 Responses to “Three Days Before Christmas”

  1. Indiana Lori December 22, 2010 at 2:03 pm #

    Oh heavens, how do you possibly cook all of that? My menu is intense, but it’s not even close! I just spent 4 hours doing the grocery shopping. Please tell me I’m done!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Kittymama December 23, 2010 at 11:54 am #

      Lori, there’s ox tongue and shrimps in the menu too, so I’m doing all the prepping beforehand. I’m running a little ragged but I’m crossing my fingers that advance planning and preparations will help ease the work on Christmas eve. I’ve two ovens ready, and five stove tops working overtime! 🙂

      Merry Christmas!

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