Better Days

14 Jan

Thank  you to everyone who sent me good wishes and prayers. Your kindness and concern are very well appreciated. God bless your kind hearts, dear friends.

Decapitate Me Nohohon

Yesterday was a good day for us here at home, better than the day before or the one before that. Save for the forgiveable decapitation of a Hello Kitty nohohon and the minor theft of some Hello Kitty decorations (I don’t know why but Hello Kitty is taking a lot of heat in the house. Still, better her than me, I think gratefully.), Alphonse carried himself extremely well under difficult circumstances yesterday. Hair pulling is down to a minimum; they last only a few seconds and with little aggression. They’re actually more like threats than the actual thing, which, if you’ve ever experienced even just once, can be a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally.  I’m more scared of the biting but he has not tried it again after Tuesday night’s major tantrum. He still goes through our things at least once a day, rummaging through them as if he has never seen them before, but as long as we are “open” and willing to let him look, he dismisses them after a while.     

He has finally stopped following me around, thank God! Imagine going to the bathroom with him in tow; when he refuses to wait outside the door, I have to let him in and sit on a stool beside me while I bathe or pee or even poo. (The shame!) Despite his willingness to let me go today, he did check in on me every now and then, perhaps to reassure himself that I am still home. Wherever I may be inside the house, he drags me back to the bedroom and demands that I get back in bed. When he is satisfied that I am where I should be- in bed, posed perfectly according to his specifications (looking very much like Homer Simpson on the right)- he kisses me goodbye and leaves me in peace. That is, until the next time he checks on me again. 🙂

We’re trying very hard to stick to his routines to calm him down. We’ve also revisited his diet to take away some of the offending foods he has gotten away with during the holidays. Although the gluten-free/casein-free diet has had limited success on him, we still try to keep with it as much as possible. Alphonse tolerates casein better than gluten; the latter makes him hyperactive and manic.

It’s a long way back to our version of normal but for now, we’re working towards it. The day he starts smiling again can’t be a day too far away in the future, I hope.


The 15th Philippine Autism Consciousness Week will be celebrated from January 16 to 23 this year. There are a host of activities for next week, kicking off with the Angels Walk for Autism at 6 am on the 16th, SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. If you have time to spare, please come and join this year’s Angels Walk. Surrounded by hundreds of other kindhearted Angels, your good wishes for your loved one with autism will surely be magnified a hundredfold. 


One Response to “Better Days”

  1. P-Angel January 17, 2011 at 2:04 am #

    Headless Kitty is never a good thing, and I really feel for you during this difficult time. It’s quite sweet in a way that Alphonse believes you belong in bed, much like me! XD

    Best wishes and much love,

    x x x

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