Blogging on the iPad

I wanted to try out the iPad as a blogging tool today, hence, this experiment. The iPad, once sole property of Alphonse, has temporarily transferred ownership to me as not even the heavy duty Otterbox Defender case could permanently deter him from smashing the iPad to smithereens. I have not had use of my laptop in months; we keep all our laptops away lest they turn into tablets. And with the desktop so inaccessible except only to a specific diehard Starcraft fan (Alex), I have been checking on other ways to write and update my blog.


The WordPress application for the iPad is easy enough to use. It allows one to write and edit posts and comments. To get the app started, you must be connected to the Net. You will be asked to log on to your wordpress blog using your wordpress name and password. I still have to get the hang of inserting pictures, though. You can upload pictures from your iPad photo library with ease but repositioning it does require more HTML tweaking. And I still can’t find the log out button for this app despite a few hours of fiddling around with it. At least, I have only one blog, which makes little difference if I log off or not from it. (Anyone who can tell me how to log off please?)

Even with the limited functions provided by this app, the WordPress app is a handy tool to have in your array of iPad applications. Now I really have no excuse to slack off, haha. And yes, two thumbs up for this- I definitely recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Blogging on the iPad

    • Yes, Leirs, I definitely agree. I still have to get the hang of blogging on the iPad but it does make it easier for those times when the PC is inaccessible. I got my camera to upload directly to the iPad too- that should help with the pictures. 🙂

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