When People and Plastic Mix*: The Crocs Mega Sale Event

15 Jun

*Title courtesy of my husband- thank you, honey, for the witty caption in Facebook

We had a pretty good weekend there. There were one or two chores that went undone (grocery shopping, for the most part, laundry too) but we did manage to squeeze in the Crocs Mega Sale into our schedule. Alphonse has school even on weekends so he was kept occupied for the better part of the day. And Alex, vegging out from three whole tiring days of Ateneo’s college orientation seminars, simply stayed in Sunday to get some R and R before classes started Monday.

We weren’t really planning to go the Crocs Mega Sale this year, but having heard from A’s colleague and friend (Thank you again, Arlet!) the really good buys she grabbed at the sale, I figured A and I could check it out. It took some egging and some pleading till A finally agreed. A went alone on the first visit on Saturday, the third day of the sale. He knew that long lines and cramped areas were not my thing so he decided to do it alone first and give me the heads up on it.

First visit on the third day

As expected, the lines were horribly long, snaking around the NBC Tent. When he finally got inside, it was, again as expected, madness, with people grabbing for shoes as if their lives depended on them. The sales personnel were helpful but were no match to the demands of throngs of Crocs-crazied folks. For his agility and surprisingly quick eye on sale items, A got three pairs of black prepair clogs (for me and the kids), a pink prepair slide for Alphonse (he likes pink!), toddler Caymans for a nephew and baby clogs for a soon-to-be-born niece, four Crocs bags and two Crocs padded shoulder straps. He lucked out on the golf shoes as they were all out but he was happy with his purchases. As he gave them to me with a flourish, he heaved a very obvious sigh of relief.

“Done! I’m all done after those hours of wait and lines! I can’t believe it!” He generously gave a full, very detailed account of his Mega Sale adventures. He was even more pleased when Alphonse took to his new prepair slides without fuss. Pink can look very manly in a man, it seems, heehee.

The smiles, however, suddenly turned into worried looks when he saw me inspecting the toddler Caymans. It seems that in all the shouting we did over the phone on sizes (it was very, very noisy inside the Tent that he could hardly hear me), we still didn’t hear each other very well. A quick phone call to my sister tilted the decision my way; we were going back for returns and more Crocs! Obviously, I was ecstatic. A, well, let’s just say, he wasn’t too thrilled over the prospect. 🙂

The next day, we went bright and early. Returning an item was easier than we thought it would be. The Crocs people didn’t even ask why; they simply explained that all items returned will be brought back to the floor for sale so we can’t get them back anymore. After giving us a receipt for the returns payment counter, we were allowed to go in, ahead of a line of people already waiting under the sun. Kids’ shoes went for unbelievably low prices, many on buy 1 take 1 promotions. We also found other adult styles going cheaper than they did the first three days so we decided to gift each of Alphonse’s four nannies with a pair of Crocs wedges. My husband remembered how one of the nannies tried on my shoes once (she didn’t know A could see her) and walked around in them. We knew they would love to have the very same pair for themselves so we hurriedly went through the boxes to find three pairs of size sevens and one pair of size six. After more than half an hour of vigorous, aerobic rummaging, we found them all. Yes, success!

I’ve been to last year’s sale too and even blogged about it here so I knew what to expect and had steeled myself against the crowds, the jostling, even the heat. However, in the aftermath of this year’s sale, I’ve heard and read a lot of complaints from disgruntled buyers who were obviously unused to the pricing strategies used in the sale. I think they’ve got it all wrong in thinking that they were somehow ripped off. Let’s be clear on this: pricing is Crocs’ prerogative.Then too, although some of the other styles were less discounted the first day, they also had a fuller range of sizes available, which meant one can choose with complete confidence that you can find your size on sale. Another advantage of first-day buyers was the availability of PhP49-shoes on sale. By the second day, you could hardly find any of these. And while last-day buyers may have had the super-cheap shoes, many of these were for kids and adult sizes were difficult, if not impossible, to find.

So, lessons learned:

1. If you want the right pair with the right size, go on the first day. The discount may not be as big as you want but it’s still a discount. If you wait another day, those shoes may be gone.

2. If you want really cheap pairs, as gifts, for example, try the last day. This is also a good day for stocking up on larger sizes of your kids’ Crocs.

3. From experience, the second to the last and the last day yield the greatest savings. You have to hedge on the chance, however, that your size and favored styles will still be available.

4. Children are NOT necessary to the sale. Unless you really don’t have anyone to leave your kids with, please try to leave them at home. You can’t control the level of activity in a jampacked room filled with Crocs addicts. I’ve seen small kids pushed and jostled and this absolutely angers me. Parents, just trace your kids’ feet on paper and cut them out for sizing shoes. Crocs are normally roomy so there is little chance for error. If, on the offchance that you did make a mistake, returns are not a hassle. I would rather return an item the next day than subject little children to unnecessary hardship. Now, if your kids are teenagers, by all means, bring them along!

5. Avoid bringing bags, if you can. No valuables too, except cellphones. That way, you’ve got your hands free and clear for rummaging and you need not worry about losing anything. I brought a hanky, a small disposable cardboard fan, money, and a cellphone. I would’ve brought a folded umbrella but my skinny (gasp! heehee!) jeans didn’t have any more room. I “baked” in silence, no worries. (I always wear sunblock everyday, anyway.)

6. I know you’re a diehard Crocs fan but if you really want the least hassle on Crocs sales, do NOT wear Crocs. Wear something easy to slip on and off, like comfy slippers or ballet flats (for women) or moccassins (for men). If you wear Crocs shoes, the sales persons will need to put stickers on them to distinguish your pair from those on sale. Not only does it eat a little time and people will jump over you in line while the Crocs people fuss over your shoes, getting the sticker off is a pain. I couldn’t clean mine off last year without leaving sticky residue so this year, I wore Skechers Mary Janes and left the Prepair clogs home.

7. If you’re not a sociable fellow and you hate small talk, bring something to occupy your time while you wait. A book would be nice but make sure it’s something you can stash in your pants’ back pocket. Remember, bags are easy prey to thieves. For music,use your phone’s mp3 player or radio; just bring your earphones. If, however, you’re like me, then you can spend your idle time talking to people on the line. I enjoyed my small chat with an older woman I was in line with. She was buying Crocs for her grandchildren.

7. Lastly, cap your hardships with a nice date. A and I went for a late lunch at Wee Nam Kee. I absolutely love their Hainanese chicken rice and could have seconds and thirds and even fourths. Really! If I didn’t have to pay for the sins of my Ben and Jerry’s daily indulgences (a pint a day for three days!), I would’ve cleaned my plate to the garnish. Perhaps it was my conscience reminding me of this promise that deterred this chicken rice glutton to save some for the kids. The leftovers were enjoyed by the other glutton in the family, Alphonse.

I ♥ Wee Nam Kee!

There you have it, the low-down on the Crocs Mega Sale. It’s an annual event so there will be another one next year. In the meantime, we’re all enjoying our Crocs, loving every bit of comfort they bring to our tired feet. Hmmm… I think even Alphonse is a fan…he is chewing on one right now.


2 Responses to “When People and Plastic Mix*: The Crocs Mega Sale Event”

  1. Crocs Freak June 16, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    Loved the sale and got enough pairs for a whole year… until the next sale comes, teehee!

    • Kittymama June 23, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

      Glad you got your share of action at the sale. Till next year, yes!

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