My Favorite Things (Part 1)

I saw a curious question on my blog’s dashboard today. It was from someone I didn’t know but who apparently frequents this blog. This person asked,

Do you collect still? I visit your blog because I like your collections. Seems like a shame that you stopped collecting and writing about them.

I know I haven’t been much of a collector (or a writer) lately. After all that has happened with us in the last six months, cute kawaii things have obviously been last in my mind. Having lost so much – our peace, sense of security, and joy- we realized that no material possession could ever make up for the loss of these precious things. One afternoon, as I surveyed all that was left of the rampages’ wreckage, I decided that a life of hoarded, unopened boxes was not for me.

This, however, does not mean I’ve totally gone the way of the ascetic. What I have since acquired is a heightened prudence in choosing what works with our lives and what does not. This has shifted my perspective considerably; from the wanton purchase of pure eye candy, I now practice functionality and purpose as my most important criteria of selection. That it can be cute is an added bonus.

I know, I know. All you want is an answer.

Do you collect still?

Yes, I do. And just to show you that I still do, let me introduce Part 1 of My Favorite Things (because I do like lots of things, I just don’t need to buy them all). I am Kittymama for a reason; I like Hello Kitty. Still.

Far from the Kitty-addicted momma I was three years ago when I started this blog, I am now at a point in my life when I am ready to give many of them up. And they will go too (the task of documenting them in pictures is arduous). But things like these, I choose to keep.

The hippest Hello Kitty DSLR camera strap from Serendipitous Combinations

More iPhone4 silicone cases to match outfits (gifts from A; where he got them, I do not know)

Coming soon: a beautiful HK DSLR case I recently ordered from the Three Apples Online Shop  (expected arrival is August)


P. S. I’ll post the links to these wonderful online shops when I am off the iPad and on the PC. My PLDTDSL connection has been highly unstable since the last typhoon. (You should hear Alex grumble about this.) Good thing there’s mobile Internet to the rescue.

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Things (Part 1)

  1. hello kitty DSLR bag is now available here in the philippines. They have it in SM North Edsa, Gift gate and Sanrio in megamall 🙂

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