My Favorite Things (Part II)

1 Jul

I got my first Kimmidoll as a gift from A in late 2009. He has given me  a whole shelf full of these wonderfully whimsical dolls since then. 🙂

Kimmidolls are inspired by kokeshi dolls, handcrafted Japanese wooden dolls dating back to the 17th century. Unlike traditional dolls that approximate human shapes and forms, kokeshis are made of only two distinct parts: a round head with a painted face and a solid, limbless, cylindrical trunk. Despite the simplicity of construction, kokeshi dolls are loved by many and are considered collectible art forms.

Drawing from the history of kokeshi dolls, Australian-crafted Kimmidolls (or kimono dolls) make perfect gifts and tokens of friendship and love. Each Kimmidoll is unique in appearance and intricacy of design; each design represents a much sought-after life value. Made of hard resin, Kimmidolls simulate the feel and weight of old wood. Moreover, each Kimmidoll is a beauty in her own right, intricate and genteel in artistry and design.

I love Kimmidolls. In a home where glass and ceramic are not able to survive for long, Kimmidolls are hardy beauties that stand to rough handling without obvious evidence of wear and tear. After having to pack what was left of our living room decorations into boxes for safekeeping, the then-empty space felt bereft and drab. My Kimmidolls filled that design emptiness perfectly.

Kimmidolls come in two  designs- Kimmidolls and the more cartoonish Kimmi Junior. The latter  (also known as Kimmi friends) is more stylized and were designed with the younger set in mind. Kimmidolls also come in four sizes. The smallest is called a mini, the next size is a maxi, the next an extra maxi and the biggest is called an extra extra maxi. In this picture on the left, you can see a side-by-side size comparisons. The biggest is Masami, with her black hair and kabuki face. She’s easily my favorite of all my Kimmidolls. I also love Kokoro, the maxi Kimmidoll with the brown hair because her color combinations are so soothing to the eye. The three extra maxis, from left to right,  are named Etsumi, Himeko, and Kazuna. The pink-haired baby of the lot is Tamami.

The Kimmidoll designs, however, are no longer limited to collectible doll figures. Moving from the principle of life’s values, the Kimmidoll brand has evolved into a lifestyle that includes functional and fashionable accessories, stationery, and even homeware. Each is a beautiful piece of art anyone would be happy to own.

Konoka (sensuality) and Mebae (fertility) 3D necklaces

my Konoka porcelain mug before she shattered into pieces

the Michiru jewelry box which houses my precious keepsakes

Yes, Kimmidolls are some of my favorite things. Elegant and beautiful, they remind me that a life to aspire for is made of up moments of beauty, friendship, and love.

2 Responses to “My Favorite Things (Part II)”

  1. Just A Friend July 11, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Wow, that’s a lot of Kimmidolls! I wish I had some of those, LOL.

    • Kittymama July 12, 2011 at 11:21 am #

      Oh, I’m just lucky that I got mine as gifts. 🙂

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