Hello Kitty x Vans In Stores Now!

11 Jul

I was feeling poorly since coming home from Alphonse’s brief hospital stay. The stress and anxiety, compounded by lack of sleep and real food (we cold not keep food in the hospital ref, not when Alphonse was on NPO), resulted in a combination of gastric pain, vomiting, and fever. I was useless when we got home.

A felt sorry for me and offered to take me out on a date Sunday. Since he would be doing gift deliveries (one for A’s sister, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, and another for Alphonse’s favorite Tita Doctor, his developmental pediatrician), he figured a bit of fresh air would do me some good. Little did I know that he had a surprise planned out for me.

I’ve been waiting for local news on the Hello Kitty x Vans collaboration since the first press release hit the Internet in March this year. As a longtime patron of the brand, I’ve always had a pair of Vans growing up, but the last time I wore Vans was back in med school, when their classic white sneakers were my everyday shoes. With the announcement of this new collaboration, suddenly I had good reason to seriously contemplate returning to the brand. But news on the local release seemed slow in coming and pretty soon, these little desires got buried in the avalanche of Alphonse’s crisis.

But not yesterday. Yesterday, as I passed by the long stretch of EDSA, A pointed to me the giant billboard announcing Vans’ HK shoes. You know me, with the broken neck and all, because I totally missed the billboard. I was still trying to maneuver my neck to a stiff side glance when we zoomed past it.

“It’s here? Really?” was all I could say. A just kept smiling strangely.

And then we pulled up and parked somewhere in the underbelly of the city of Makati (sorry, I am such a wuss when it comes to directions) and I followed A through a maze of shops. Before we knew it, he was nudging me inside a store with a giant wooden Hello Kitty standing in front.


A held my hand for a second and drew me nearer to brush the hair off the side of my face. And then he whispered the sweetest words ever.

Buy whatever you want, honey.” *almost faints in excitement*

There are six HK designs to the classic Vans shoe; three are low-top authentic laced sneakers, one is designed as a pair of comics-inspired high-top sneakers, and two are comfortable, thick-soled slip-ons. Except for the high-top sneakers, these designs are available in both children and adult sizes.

I was informed by Vans Glorietta 3 store personnel that this collaboration will only be made available in the Vans concept stores. All designs are now available but due to the demand, this may change easily. Also, I was told that the largest size they carried was an 8. A size 8 would be perfect (for me!) for the laced sneakers with the wider entrance but for the classic slip-ons, I needed a half size bigger for my wide feet. Still, I was only able to find a single pair of size 8’s- a pair of pink low-top sneakers; a call by the sales person to their other branches confirmed the lack of shoes in my size. Despite my very obvious disappointment, I enjoyed my time at the Vans store as their personnnel were very accommodating of my requests.

At a little less that PhP2500/pair for the low-tops and the slip-ons, these shoes are affordable and because they do last a long time, they are definitely value buys. Fun, functional, and terribly cute, these Hello Kitty Vans will spice up my mid-life wardrobe with some much needed youthful energy and zest. I’m dragging A to check out the other concepts stores for my size, even if it means a trip to Pampanga, heehee!

And you know what else makes me really happy? I don’t even have to be a real skateboarder to rock the look!

Not only do I feel good, but HK Vans makes me look slim! Haha!


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