Sylvanian Updates

9 Aug

More blog mail today:

Dear Kittymama,

Will you please share with us your new Sylvanian purchases? I want to start collecting and I hope your collection helps me choose which items to start with. I’ve been to different toy stores here in Manila and there are just so many to choose from right now. Thank you!

A Sylvanian Fan

Dear Sylvanian Fan,

Forgive my procrastination. I have a big box of Sylvanians still waiting to be catalogued and some more on the way, but time has not been my best friend these last few months. There is little time to play during the day and worse, no place to do it. With the destruction of my displays, setting up a photo shoot is cumbersome and quite difficult. I have not been able to replace my previous set-up and backgrounds yet. Kitty Little Lanes, for now, is all in my head, waiting to be rebuilt.

This does not mean, however, that I’ve stopped collecting. I bought a few items on my last trip and I still have them in boxes. I got an extra stew set, the paramedic and nurse set, the Polar bear family of four, the meerkat triplets and the West Highland terrier twins, and the Chihuaha family, including babies. I wanted the ambulance but they were all out. Hmmm… maybe next time.

You can see their pictures below:

Not all of my toys are brand new, however. For me, at least, part of the fun of collecting is rediscovering toys that were once loved. Rescuing old Sylvanian figures and restoring vintage pieces to near mint condition are part of the fun of collecting Sylvanian Families. I’ve added a few bits to my collection through this. You can find these old toys on eBay or through toy resellers on social networks; you can even find them through friends. Even as new purchases build up the bulk of my collection, the ones that have a bit of history and age to them are most precious to me.

This deluxe country house is vintage and is missing a red ladder.

As you can see below, my friend Candy of Candy’s Sylvanian Families has the exact same one and in her site, there is picture of how it looks complete and furnished. I put it in here just to give you an idea of how pretty it looks all spiffied up.

I was also able to purchase a 1996 release oof the Village Bakery. It is missing all the food pieces but the furniture, railings, and stairs are all complete.

And then there are the little bits, which make miniature play more realistic and creative. Most of these are complete.

Real ceramic plates and copper-looking pots and pans

I love the sewing machine best!

The china cabinet is a real beauty!

As you can see, Sylvanian Fan, I may be a little slow in putting up pictures but never too slow to catch a bargain or two. 🙂

I wish you well in your collection. True, there are so many nice things in the market today that buying within a limited budget can be frustrating. Just remember: whether you start with brand new pieces or with preloved ones, if you focus on what you love best- like a particular family, house, or theme- then you can build everything from there. You can’t have it all but you”ll definitely love and treasure what you have. Happy Collecting!




2 Responses to “Sylvanian Updates”

  1. Just A Friend August 10, 2011 at 10:48 am #

    You sure have got a lot already. But they are cute, got to give you that! 🙂

    • Kittymama August 10, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

      Thank you! Collectors never ever think they have enough or a lot, haha!

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