The JP Red Family Car: Cherry Sweet!

15 Sep

I have been meaning to write a review post on the JP Red Family Car since I brought it home from Singapore in late August. Alas, there’s no excuse for late news on the web, haha, and djds2004 from the US already beat me to it in the Sylvanian Families Forum. You can check out her lovely pictures and review here. Her Cherry Cruiser is from the Calico Critters line; mine is a Sylvanian Families Japan release. They seem to be the same, except the CC version is a US release, thus accounting for the lefthand drive we know here in Manila (steering wheel on the left side), as opposed to JP (and UK) cars, which have steering wheels on the right side.

There have been two family cars (and one wedding car) released in the local lineup of Sylvanian Families in the last two years. The blue family car from Flair was released first and separately from the caravan; the green family car came in a value pack bundle with the caravan a while later. Both are 2010 local releases. Incidentally, this same style of car is also available in cream and burgundy in the SSK website.

As far looks go, the only difference between the two is the color change. Both are sparse in accessories, counting only the wicker traveling suitcase/picnic hamper and two baby car seats as their add-ons.

On the other hand, the red family car, which for the purposes of naming it may also be referred to as the Cherry Cruiser (its CC name), is smaller and shorter compared to the original family cars. It is meant for a five-figure family, but because of its compact size, larger figures might have difficulty fitting in. The absence of body detail makes the car look more elegant and less dated than its old counterparts. The front bumper is distinctive in head lights and grill design and differs from the blue and green cars with its rounded edges.

As far as accessories go, this car certainly packs more. Housed within its equally compact box (plus points for not having too many cardboard packaging as space filler) are two tray tables for attachment to the back of the front seats, which may be replaced by the single car seat also provided. The latter, to my surprise, can be positioned three ways (left, right, middle). There are food and drinks provided for the family on the go- a small basket of sandwiches and a covered tray of what appears to be some sort of salad (potato with egg? yum!).

There are two cans of soda; these can be placed on the cup holder between the two front seat or on the trays for back seat occupants. There are also stickers for the soda cans and the licence plates (SF-002 in the JP version as compared to the vanity plate 2-CUTE in the CC version).

Most ingenious of all is the addition of a pull-out low picnic table from the front license plate. Although not entirely workable to my rational mind (license plates can be made off by scheming thieves that way, with a table to boot, haha!), this really seems like an innovation worthy of Sylvanian Families.

All in all, I like the JP Red Family Car aka the Cherry Cruiser. For a purchase I hadn’t planned (I passed that car three times for three consecutive days until my husband picked it up and forced it on me, reasoning that a collector MUST collect EVERYTHING- thank you, honey! Men and cars, what can I say?), it turned out to be one of the most pleasurable buys of my recent trip. For SGD59.95 (less 20% off + additional 10% off- SGD43.17`or a little over PhP1500 ), you could say it was a steal the day A♥ bought it. 🙂

Watch out for more picture of my recent purchases, hopefully, in the coming days. And don’t forget the Sylvanian Families Passport Promo ongoing till November 30. Head on to the nearest Toy Kingdom and Toy Express- hurry!


4 Responses to “The JP Red Family Car: Cherry Sweet!”

  1. geri September 16, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    Hi P, I wondering if you have read this already, a friend posted this on her FB wall today:

    • Kittymama September 23, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

      Hi, Geri. Sorry this took a while. 😦

      I’ve read that particular report and I think of the two kinds, Alphonse falls into the category of the immunodeficient. Most of our regressions happen post-infection and since his MRI scans are normal, that could be a closer possibility.

      Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. bbqweasel September 19, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    Great review! Now you’re making me want that car…

    • Kittymama September 23, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

      Go, go, go, Pei! It’s really cute! 🙂

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