Unfriend and Goodbye

A month or so ago, some persons- family members on A♥’s side of the family- unfriended me on Facebook.

I was surprised. They were family, even after all these years of estrangement. And though we had only been “friends” on Facebook for a little more than a year, I thought that we had finally reached a point of impasse- a point in our lives when we no longer moved in different directions, when we stood still long enough to let past hurts and betrayals be forgiven.

I do not know what prompted the unfriending. They say that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and true to events of the past, they chose to delete us from their lives without explanation. Since that sudden call last year when one of them apologized and requested prayers for an ailing loved one, Facebook had been our only link in this world of tenous ties. Shallow as it was, for me, it was a hold on a future of peace and grace I could try to create for my children and theirs. I had sent one of them an e-mail before I had known I was unfriended, blocked and deleted; silence was the only reply.

And so for the nth time in more than 12 years, I say farewell to these persons. I do not harbor them ill will; I will always wish them well as we journey the rest of our lives treading separate paths.

My only regret is that in this world, not even blood can outweigh pettiness, anger, and hate.


“Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.” – Samuel Johnson

4 thoughts on “Unfriend and Goodbye

  1. You can choose your friends but you can’t choose family. So true. You’re better off without toxic people so think of this as a blessing instead.

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