Happiness is… (iv)

the best brazo de mercedes cake in town.

Light meringue layers, not too sweet and not too stiff, with layers of thick, oozing, sweet custard filling in between, smooth and silky to the tongue

On days like these, when throbbing migraines make me rue waking up in the morning, a sweet fix makes the day go so much better.

Hmmm…. yummmy….Super heavenly.

For a recipe and how-to on brazo de mercedes, I refer you to the best food blog I know (I hope Doc Mark gets enough time from medical residency to start cooking and baking again)- No Special Effects. Click here.

4 thoughts on “Happiness is… (iv)

    • I like this departure from the traditonal jelly roll mercedes de brazo because the filling and meringue layers are more balanced. But either way, give me mercedes de brazo anytime!

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