The Stowaway Sylvanian

I woke up that morning with a sudden start. Something- perhaps it was the sound of A♥ moving around the room or maybe the feelings of apprehension at the pit of my stomach- stirred me. I looked at the clock on the table. It wasn’t even six yet. A♥ was leaving that morning for a work trip and I didn’t want him to go.

A♥ went inside the room, dressed and ready to go. I hugged him as tight as I could and kissed him goodbye. It would be three days before I see him again. The fear in my belly was overwhelming. I really hate goodbyes.

A♥ insisted I go back to bed. He kissed me one more time as I closed my eyes. He would not see me cry, I promised myself. Seconds later, as the sound of his car gave way to the stillness of that early morning, I would start sobbing into the sheets, muffling my cries with balled-up fists. I started praying and before I knew it, I had fallen back to sleep.

The sun was up when my eyes opened for the second time that morning. The feelings of uneasiness were still there. I shivered in the cold of the room and I pulled up the sheets to my chin. A piece of paper floated off the bed, gracefully gliding down the floor.


I reached for the paper and read it. It was a letter.

A letter from a Stowaway Sylvanian.

By the time A♥ found Buster hiding inside his carry-on bag, they were already at the airport. It was too late to turn around and bring Buster back home so A♥ took Buster with him. Good thing he was small enough not to warrant his own ticket!

Buster sent me photos of his time with A♥. I’ll let him tell you his story from here on.

Hello, friends! My name is Buster and I am the Stowaway Sylvanian. I wasn’t really planning on doing this at first. Whem Rumpus (Macavity) and I talked last, he wanted to be the one to go with Papa A♥. I guess he chickened out in the end because he didn’t show up at all! Rumpus is a chicken! Rumpus is a chicken! Nyanyanyanya!

Oh, where was I? Well, Mama had been dreading Papa’s trip for weeks. She was miserable, so what was I to do? I couldn’t bear hearing her cry at night so I thought, why not do what Rumpus suggested? I’m no chicken! I’m tough!

The night before Papa left, I wrote a letter. A BIG letter. It took me almost the whole night to write it because I had to write big enough for them to read and I usually write really small.

As in small.

The pen was heavy too. 😦

I set the camera to take my pictures as I posed with the letter I wrote. I wanted to make sure that Mama and Papa knew I did this of my own free will.


And then I checked on my provisions. I had some chips to last me till Papa finds me. I also brought Pookie along so I wouldn’t be scared of the dark, ehrm, so I have someone to talk to. Heehee.

Here is the letter I wrote. See the I Love You fold? Asparagus taught me that. She has a crush on T.S. Elliot Keats and she writes him notes with the ILY fold. *shudders*

P.S. I also want to be a Facebook star. Please… Heeheehee!

I am brave! I slid inside the envelope. It took an hour to lick that envelope shut. By the time I finished, I was all out of saliva and my tongue was raspy and dry. Whew!

One last peek before I closed the envelope…

I flipped myself over so the camera can take this shot of the envelope.

And then, I hopped all the way to Papa’s bag, sitting myself on top of some golf balls and spiky tees. I had to look for a soft spot (maybe some underwear!) to get comfortable.

Papa discovered me at the airport and let me out! Yay! He wasn’t angry at all! In fact, he laughed out loud and called Mama right away. Then he started whispering mushy things to her so I walked away, pretending not to hear. Parents can be so uncool. 😦

This is the Philippine Airlines flight that would take Papa and me all the way to Cagayan de Oro, the provincial capital of the province of Misamis Oriental. Cagayan de Oro lies along the northern coastline of Mindanao. I’ve never been there so I am excited!

This is my seat. The flight attendants found me so cute they gave me my own seat. 🙂 Papa said I could not have coffee so I asked for some water instead. Papa gave me his coconut-filled fudge bar.

After an hour and thirty minutes, we landed in the City of Golden Friendship! Wow! I am feeling a lot friendlier already!

We barely had time to rest before we were brought to the golf course! This was going to be a two-day tournament and I was going to caddy for Papa.

Papa held me up high as I surveyed the Pueblo de Oro golf course. I checked the place out for bunkers (sandpits for those of you who don’t now golf ) and other hazards. Papa will need my knowledge of physics to navigate this tough course.

I stayed longer to study the course and plot out a strategy. Fore!

And then, after last-minute instructions for Papa, I let him play golf. Here he is, teeing off.

I had my picture taken with Papa’s friends, Mr. D and Mr. K. I am easily the most handsome, I think.

At the end of the day, I was so tired from caddying I asked Papa to allow me go up to our room. At the Hotel Koresco, Papa and I were given a big room to share. I got a bed to myself. 🙂

And then I said good night to Papa and to the camera. Papa is safe with me, Mama. I promised you I will take good care of him and I did! He brushed his teeth and drank his vitamins. He even said good night prayers with me.

It was a long day, Mama! *Yawns* Good night!

Buster kept his promise. He watched over A♥ every second of their trip and reported back to me regularly. The next day, at the Del Monte Golf Club in Bukidnon, Buster sent me SMSs to keep me updated. Thank you, Buster! I appreciate all you did for Mama.

But don’t run away again, you hear me?

8 thoughts on “The Stowaway Sylvanian

  1. Such a heartwarming story. I can relate to the separation anxiety bit. A legal stowaway eh. Good his Papa A❤ is a cool dude to let him stay with the trip. Nice guarding job, Buster!

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