PH♥Sylvanian Families First 100 Likes Raffle

8 Nov

It took a few weeks to make the diorama but now, we are ready to give it away to one lucky person among the first 100 Likes of the PH♥Sylvanian Families page.  Many, many thanks to all those who liked the page, who continue to stay and check for updates, who comment on and share our posts, and all those who have opened up their world to us, Sylvanian collectors.

This diorama would not have been possible without the kind donation of Madame C of Little Creations. Thank you, Madame C, for the Filipina dress which we are all very pleased to show off to our collector friends abroad.

And so, we announce the winner today…. (drumroll please) but before we do so, allow us to share with you the raffle process and how the winner was chosen.

PHSylvanian Families First 100 Likes Raffle

One hundred names were listed and printed. (Copy blurred to protect the page members’ privacy.)

The names were cut into equal sized strips and rolled to hide the members’  identities.

The rolled strips were then placed in a Hello Kitty container which was closed and shaken.

The box was shaken and rattled and tossed a few times…

but wait…what is that mewling we hear?

We quickly opened the box and were surprised to see three little dizzy creatures who just had the ride of their short lives.

“Thanks for letting us out, Kittymama!” they said in unison.

“The Sylvanian Menace managed to lock us in before the shaking,” they cried as they clumsily tried to climb out of the whirly chamber.

Midnight had latched on to a piece of paper that had caught on his arm as he stood up.

“We have a winner,” he announced triumphantly, as Peppermint and Angelica looked on, still dizzy.

Congratulations to Ms. Caren Tan!

You get to own the very first Filipino Sylvanian. 🙂

Thank you, Tuxedo triplets, for your all your help! We hope you like it here in Kitty Little Lanes!


P.S. The name was actually drawn by Alphonse from among the hundred rolled-up strips. The Tuxedo cats graciously agreed to appear for a dramatization of the raffle because the Sylvanian Menace ran off as fast as he could without time for pictures.

P.P.S. Ms. Caren Tan, please send me a private message on FB or e-mail at to claim your prize. 🙂


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