How The Three Little Kittens Found Their …

No, not mittens, silly. Mittens are too hot for this tropical country. This is a tale of the Three Little Kittens, and how they found their parents, and a new friend as well.

It began this November, when the Tuxedo Triplets, aka Charcoal Cat Babies, arrived on my doorstep. They were a lively bunch, a little too frisky and restless compared to the other babies I had, but I couldn’t blame them. They were missing their family! They cried constantly and mewled me to distraction! Meow Meow Meow Meow!Unfortunately, while these triplets still had a bad case of jet lag, having flown more than 8000 km to reach me, their family was nowhere to be found here in Manila. To search for them, the Three Little Kittens would have to fly 1,116 km to a secondary destination. It would be another long journey for them.

On a rainy Saturday morning, the Three Little Kittens packed up their meager belongings and boarded a plane. As they looked out the window, they whispered a silent prayer. “Please, Papa God, help us find our family. Amen.”

Inside the plane, the kittens were simply too excited and restless, getting into all sorts of mischief, trying on things, and even getting their paws into a full-sized snack!

Kittymama was napping, with her hair curlers on, when they woke her up for a picture. Who knew she traveled with her hair in curlers? (Shhh, let’s just keep that a secret for now.)

Once they found some inflight entertainment, the kittens calmed down a bit.

The Simpsons, however, had them in stitches and they almost fell off their perches on the tray table from laughing out loud. It was a good thing that before they could wake up a planeload of people with their mewling, the plane was ready to land. The Three Little Kittens were happy to find land!

They posed with Kittymama for souvenir pictures at the Hong Kong International Airport. Then, they all boarded the bus that would take them to the heart of the city.

As soon as they found their hotel, the Three Little Kittens wanted to begin their search in earnest. Kittymama had a list of possible places, but in each one, there was no sign of the triplets’ family.

Are you here, Mama, Papa?

Depressed, the kittens resigned themselves into orphanhood. Kittymama pressed them to go on with the search so they decided to go farther. The next day, they took a ferry boat to the nearby city of Macau. The waters were rough and choppy, but the triplets were determined to end their search that day.

Still, despite their long walk around the city and the stomach-contents-hurling driving techniques of the cab drivers, they found no sign of their parents.

No one seemed to know where to find them. No one has heard of them in a while, and some have claimed their last sightings were way back in October. The Three Little Kittens seemed to find one obstacle after another. Once again, they mewled helplessly.

Peppermint, for one, seemed almost ready to jump off the 233-meter high platform of the Macau Tower.

Hey, I just wanted to bungee jump!

By the end of their second day, the Three Little Kittens were no nearer to finding their family. As they gazed around the city, they repeated their silent prayers for guidance and direction. Surely, they must be out there, they said to themselves. They mewled softly all the way home.

By a fortuitous turn of events, however, Kittymama was set to meet a new Sylvanian friend, Ms. Karen, and her wonderful husband, Mr. German, the very next day. Ms. Karen is a long time collector of Sylvanian Families in Hong Kong. She and Kittymama met in 2009 in – hold your breath– Facebook! Since then, they’ve been corresponding over the social network and they promised to meet up the next time Kittymama visited.

Together with her husband, Ms. Karen accompanied Kittymama and A♥ to different places to look for the Triplets’ family.

Kittymama, A♥, and the triplets simply loved Ms. Karen and her husband! They were two of the nicest people they’ve ever met. To spend one whole day with someone you hardly knew, to patiently guide them and bring them to different places, to treat them to a wonderful meal of authentic Chinese cuisine- these were all kindnesses that were totally unexpected but deeply appreciated. You really do find friends where you least expect them.

The Three Little Kittens held out hope and prayed that Ms. Karen would be able to help them. And true enough, it was Ms. Karen who saved the day!

Before they parted that night, Ms. Karen handed Kittymama a small bag. Ms. Karen had been keeping that bag since October, when she did Kittymama a big favor. When the box inside the bag was opened, you could not imagine the joyful and tearful mewls and meows that filled our room. It was so touching, really.

At the airport the next day, the reunited members of the family still could not believe their luck.

Angelica and Peppermint embraced their father tight, afraid to let go.

Midnight clambered on to Mama while sister looked on happily.

And Peppermint was hugged from all sides by her big sisters.

It was a joyful family reunion!

The Charcoal Family, complete at last!

Even Kittymama knew she had been lucky, extremely lucky. She was grateful that the kittens had found their famly, but she was even more grateful for the time she spent with her beloved A♥. Truly, there could be no greater adventure than the ones she shared with A♥!

Best of all, Kittymama was thankful for another precious Sylvanian friendship. The best part of collecting Sylvanian Families is always the new friends we find along the way.

Thus ended the story of how the Three Little Kittens found their parents and sisters. Of how Kittymama and A♥ had a grand adventure. Of how Kittymama made a new friend.

The End.

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