Same Old, Same Old

Which, contrary to expectations, is totally welcome!

A full week into the New Year of 2012 and things are settling down into routine. A♥ works, Alex goes to school, Alphonse works at home and does therapy. Even with the absence of two of his nannies, things are noticeably quiet and (*knocks on wood*) calm. Save for the thirty minutes when we all held our breaths last Saturday over Alphonse’s resistance to resuming aquatherapy ( we had to bodily carry him to the pool, all five of us- dad, mom, teacher and nannies), everything has been… I don’t even know the word anymore but here goesnormal. There. I said it. I seriously hope I don’t jinx myself.

The holidays are often periods of stress for us. When rigid schedules change to give way to merrymaking, we are often the last one in on the fun. But if we had any misgivings over the just passed season, it quickly went the way of our worries as Alphonse seemed to enjoy the absence of his teachers and the relaxed hours of fun and play. Christmas went without a hitch and blended seamlessly in our lives.

The New Year’s revelry, however, was a source of irritation and anxiety for Alphonse. We were hoping he would be asleep before the actual moment of firecracker madness started but alas, we were not so lucky. Alphonse woke up to the thunderous frenzy when the neighbors started hours earlier than expected. He was angry and frightened; he cringed visibly when the loud, violent sounds of giant firecrackers going off rocked our home. It took hours to calm his pacing, his shouting, the wringing of his hands.

Now that we have emerged from the holidays almost intact, it’s back to the land of real life, where bills need to be paid, food needs to be cooked (and not taken home, free, in fancy containers courtesy of kind relatives), and we live in accordance to the hours of the day and not the whims of the moment. It can be frightening, at times, to look at a future of the same things over and over again, to know a bit of tomorrow even before today is done, and one may even wonder if boredom and weariness will ever breed disinterest. But for a family whose whole life has been a series of upheavals one after the other, it can also be immensely comforting.

Trust me on this.

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