12 Jan

Remember the Batphone, Commisioner Gordon’s direct line to the Batman? Well, I’ve always wanted one. Yes, my friends, you may add the dubious distinction of being a Batfreak to my long list of crazies, haha 🙂

When retro handsets for mobile phones went on sale last year, I wanted one for myself but I was too stymied by the price. Moshi moshi and Yubz retro handsets went for at least PhP1800 in the market, a bit too steep for my limited needs. While they were designed to reduce the body’s absorption of redio frequency energy generated by mobile phones by increasing the distance between the user and the phone, what they were, in the end, were novelty products that looked cute and were  guaranteed conversation pieces.

But guess what? If you wait long enough, variations of the same theme will inevitably come up in the universe. I hate to call this a fake or replica because it does really function as well as it looks. Let’s just call it generic retro handset then, to appease my conscience, haha.

I got my own Batphone at last.

And at PhP399, it was a steal!


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