The Case of the Radical Ref

I’ve been meaning to make a review of some items in the Sylvanian Families toy line that I’ve acquired over the years. These are items that I’ve bought doubles or triples of, never realizing that they were either the same or very different, depending on the date of release and the manufacturer.

Because of this, I wanted to start a section called the Photo Review in the PH♥SF page but since I also wanted to put in my two cents, I thought to start it off here and simply link it later to the page.

And so, I start  with

Case File Number 1 of the Photo Review:

The Case of the Radical Ref

I own three different types of refrigerators and their accessories. These belong to the succeeding generations of older, vintage models such as this fabulous green Tomy frifge owned by my friend Toukkero (see picture below):

I have seen a similar vintage refrigerator in a light tan color too, but these intricately designed old coolers are hard to find these days. You can’t even chance on one on eBay anymore and when they do pop in now and then, auctioneers tend to ask for more for them. So far, I own three different types and for purposes of visual comparison, I have put them side by side in a picture.

On the left is an Epoch EU 2012 release, at the middle is a Flair white fridge, and at the far right is a JP ref.

The Flair version is a plain, white, two-door ref and freezer. It comes with seven pieces of food items and stickers for each of them, as well as stickers to decorate the fridge itself. Although the doors are attached to the main body by seven small hinges, the fit of the doors is lax and and the doors, unfortunately, do not shut tight.

This JP ref also has versions from Flair and Epoch EU and are virtually the same in every aspect. They are sold as stand-alones in the JP line but are part of the Mother at Home playsets in Flair and Epoch EU. Off-white in color, it has a tendency to turn yellow with age.  Also a two-door ref like the Flair white fridge, this comes with a clear blue vegetable bin, as well as a lot of food accessories, including ice and butter! Stickers are also available to label the food products. The hinges are huge and obtrusive but they do work very well.

Perhaps the simplest of the three, the recently released Epoch EU fridge and accessories set is boxy in style and comes with only five pieces of food accessories and stickers to label the food products. The picture in the box does not quite do it justice though. For such a less expensive product (this is part of the new, expanded Easy Buy series), the ref is surprisingly nice. The hinges are firm and discreet, the texture of the item is smooth, and there are no hard plastic corners to injure small hands.

Epoch Japan is releasing this item this month and it looks closer to the Epoch EU fridge in basic style (boxy and rectangular, instead of the older, rounded versions). This, perhaps, carries one of the nicest food accessories in a long while. It’s definitely in my buy list!


Final Rating:

Value for money: Epoch EU fridge and accessories

Appearance: my personal choice would be new JP fridge and accessories but not counting this in the equation, I rather like the appearance of the Epoch EU fridge

Accessories: JP fridge (older version)

As you can see, refs come in all shapes and styles in the Sylvanian world and you can be sure that there’s one to fit your personal style and budget anytime. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Case of the Radical Ref

  1. ooo i want the japan one with a freezer drawer out there! yeah! let us know what and when it comes out, ate p! ❤

    nice review! i still personally prefer the yellow two door one.just because it's so vintage-y.

    • I will, Skin! The yellow one looks like it came from the 50s, right? I love that it comes with so many accessories. 🙂

  2. Great review. The only fridge I have is the fridge with the sticking out hinges. Those hinges are really big and annoying. I love the accessories in the new Japanese fridge; it’s on my wish list. I think the best looking fridge is really the green one, it just looks so unique.

    • I would love to own the green one too- it just looks so lovely and unique. Lucky Toukkero, hehe! 🙂 The Easy Buy ref looks nice but the packaging leaves much to be desired. Not only does the box look faded, it’s uses up so much unnecessary paper and cardboard! 😦

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