Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

12 Apr

I received the cake shop as a gift from A♥ in early 2010 and have never had the chance to set it up for play until very recently. With all my Sylvanian items pouring in from different sources, sometimes, just cataloguing them in a list is all I have time for. But inspired by my friends’ enviable efforts at showcasing theirs, I finally sat down to make another tableau. It’s not meant to stay permanently displayed as Alphonse might get into the little things, but at least, for the few hours they were up, they were a lovely sight.


The Cake Shop at Kitty Little Lanes

Early morning, long before the sun rises to its full glory, the Keats are up and hard at work at The Cake Shop. It’s been that way for many years and the Keats take pride in their pastries and cakes, known as the best in all of Kitty Little Lanes, and yes, Sylvania.

They built the business from the ground up and it was fortunate that husband and wife had a common passion. These days, while The Cake Shop still runs under the husband and wife team, the kids are also learning the ropes. Today, being the early days of summer, they’ve decided to let the kids sleep a little late. There’ll be time for hard work tomorrow, they say.

Their day begins with a cursory inspection of the grounds. Because they implement a Clean As You Go policy in the shop, there is very little to do by way of cleaning at the start of each day. They’ve upgraded their single wooden table and chairs set into the ornate green table and chairs sets to give a more elegant ambience to the place. The green reminds you of a French patisserie, doesn’t it? The patio sitting, once confined to that small sliver of wooden space in front of the store, has given way to a stone patio to accommodate more people who’d like to sit down under the late summer sun. A chiller of cakes now stands where the old seating used to be.

Father Rosetti mans the kitchen. As Pastry Chef extraordinaire, he is in charge of making all those delicate puff pastries with special melty, gooey, yummy fillings. They don’t call him a “poet with flour and yeast” for nothing! Papa has all these lovely concoctions he created from scratch and from his own recipes! Salty chocolate caramel cake? Done that! Dark Chocolate Kiwi Durian Delight? That too!

Today, he is frosting a simple chocolate cake. The cookies are already done and cooling. The pink strawberry-peach cake with white frosting is a special order, waiting to be picked up by its owner.

Smile for the camera, Papa Rosetti!

Mama Bronte is in charge of the front store and takes pains to make sure all her husband’s delicious creations are displayed well. She is in charge of inventory and makes sure to remind Papa to make the creamy cheese cakes his clients love. She’s certainly an old hand at finance and balancing budgets and Papa relies on her to make the list (and budget) for supplies shopping.

If The Cake Shop is even considered successful, it owes half its success to Mama’s business savy. But you know what makes Mama Bronte Papa’s best partner? Mama Bronte has an honest charm all their patrons love and she never forgets a name!

Today, Mama shows off the sliced orange cake Papa Rosetti’s friend, Ms. Pei from far-away South Australia, sent in for their special clients. It’s a rare treat when special creations make their way to Kitty Little Lanes and the Keats only feature special bakers like Ms. Pei!

Their first customer for the day! Mrs. Myriam Chantilly (Mims to her friends) comes in with a tray for her orders. Oohh, everything looks so lovely!

Mrs. Josephine Ocher follows suit with a tray of sliced cakes for her girls. There were so many to choose from but strawberry cake and cheese cakes are the girls’ favorite!

Outside, little Esme Chantilly thinks long and hard if she should even bite into her turtle melon pan, again one of Ms. Peí’s baked creations. Esme imagines all the creamy goodness inside the turtle shell and hopes it has melon cream inside. Papa Rosetti gave the melon pan to Esme because Esme received the Most Improved Student Award at St. John’s School this year. All that hard work deserves a great reward!

While Esme decides on her turtle melon pan, the Simpkins face a similar quandary. Which should they choose to buy and bring home to little Gwendolyn, now sick and home all alone? “Buuuy all, Mama, all, all, all, meow, meow,” pudgy Glynn whines as Mama looks at all these delicate things seriously. Mama Suzette has to keep tight rein of her budget as a waitress’ salary does not go far these days. Besides, if she indulged chubby-cheeked Glynn with all this sweetness, she’d soon be paying Dr. Clearwater for cavity treatments. But boy, they do look good, she muses silently to herself.

It’s a good thing Baby Jojo isn’t quite as greedy (and as chubby, haha) as little Glynn. She’s quite happy with her unfrosted chocolate cupcake! “Fank you,” she gurgles happily, taking a big whiff at all that super chocolatey aroma. “I wuv chocyait vewy much.”

As families begin to fill the little patio. old friends meet unexpectedly. Jack Ocher spots Maurice Chantilly chugging down a chococcino and rushes over to say hello.

I hear you have the best barbecues in town, old friend,” Papa Jack tells Papa Maurice.

They’re certainly not in the league of Rosetti’s cakes, Jack, but my family swears by them. I’m thinking of setting up a small side business at home. The kids are growing up and a lollipop man’s salary no longer cuts it,” Maurice replies.

Oh, my wife swears by them too! Mims sent some over to the house the other day and Josie said they tasted like her grandma’s honey bourbon ribs! You know what she else said- that they were hea-ven-ly! Good luck, man! And save me some of them barbecues next time, will you?” Jack taps Maurice on the shoulder goodnaturedly.

As you can see, The Cake Shop, with all its scrumptious and delicate delights, adds sugary sweetness to life at Kitty Little Lanes. It’s a special place for families to come in and unwind, take in a bit of fresh air and summer sun, and reconnect with loved ones and friends. There’s always something sweet in this special place.

It’s been a long and busy day, friends! Thanks for coming to the Keats’ Cake Shop! Papa Rosetti and Mama Bronte certainly appreciate the visit. 🙂 Do come by soon!


5 Responses to “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These”

  1. Vanessa April 12, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    and because of your story, I’m tempted to buy the Sylvanian Cake Shop.

    • Kittymama April 12, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

      The Cake Shop (building) is rather hard to find these days but if you do find one, grab it right away! But because it is difficut to find, its price will be steeper than usual. The smaller cake shop/display set is still available as a JP item (this is the one that comes with a display shelf, display table, cakes and boxes). 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Vanessa!

      • skinniemeanie April 17, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

        me too! i want a ckeshop but where to set up? haha and goodness me, glynn sounds like my cake-greedy boy, banzai! ❤

        i love your setup! i wonder how you got away with setting up and at what time! heeheehee

  2. Anna Ubarra March 4, 2014 at 10:11 pm #

    your set up and story are both so nice! they made me smile 🙂 thanks!

    • Kittymama March 14, 2014 at 3:17 pm #

      Thank you, Anna! 🙂 I appreciate your visit and your comment. Please drop by again!

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