The Veggie Tale

Documenting my Sylvanian Families is sometimes more work than play, so I’ve thought of stories to help me as I set them up for the collection photos. It takes more time, of course, but it takes the tedium out of it! Today, we go green with

The Veggie Tale

(For little Banzai)

In the quaint little village of Kitty Little Lanes, Saturday mornings are not spent lazing around in bed or cozying up to a good book. Here, farmer Bob Blackberry rises up at dawn to deliver organic harvest straight from his farm to grocers and stores all over the village.

The sun bears down on him and his trusty steed. He has a long way to go before he can enjoy a Saturday afternoon with his family. He imagines his wife Betty making ice-cold fruit juice, fresh squeezed, and wishes he can finish his route sooner. He remembers that he promised the girls, Ingrid and Yvette, a boat ride and weekend camping, but for now, he needs to concentrate on the long distance ahead. He can’t let his clients down. They need his fresh vegetables and fruits to sell, as much as the people of Kitty Little Lanes need them to sustain their good health.

Clip clop. Clip clop. The sound of Blacksocks’ metal shoes hitting dirt and grass was a steady beat in the long drive.

“Oooohhhh, my back is killing me,” Farmer Bob groans as he stretches the muscles in his lower back.

Meanwhile, farther down the grassy road from Farmer Bob, Mr. John Sainsbury notes his dwindling supplies. Mr. John runs the tiny grocery/convenience store Sainsbury near the edge of town. His is the last store folks at Kitty Little Lanes will find before they head up to their woodland homes.

“I hope Bob arrives soon,” he says to himself. “Else, I’ll be out of things to sell.”

“A squash, a cantaloupe, two apples, two oranges, two lemons, two cucumbers, two carrots, two tomatoes, two bell peppers, and two measly bananas! Add the lone cabbage and the large radish from yesterday and my inventory won’t last three days!”

Well, his prayers are about to be answered for Farmer Bob’s cart is loaded with the best produce in the market- organic and all-natural, with prices one can’t beat!

Bushels of oranges and apples, crates of bananas, and all sorts of the yummiest fruits and vegetables are in Farmer Bob’s cart, waiting to be delivered and sold.

“Whoa, Blacksocks, whoa,” Farmer Bob says to his horse. Blacksocks halts obediently.

“Hello, Bob!” Mr. John says, relief evident in his voice.

“Hiya, John!” Farmer Bob answers. “Let me set up really fast”!

Farmer Bob lays out a table and brings out his best produce. He does this to all his clients so they can pick out what they want.

He brings down crates and bushels from the cart, working like an efficient machine.

And then, once settled, he reaches out to Mr. John with a firm handshake.

“Thanks for coming, Bob,” Mr. John says.

“Hey, you’re my best client!” Farmer Bob replies.

“Look at these russet potatoes! These are beauties!” Mr. John exclaims in delight.

“You might want these asparagus spears, John. They’re fresh and firm, great for roasting! And Betty roasts them with honey glazed bacon wrapped around them, like in Japanese restaurants…hmmm…. what do they call them there again?” Farmer Bob muses. “Asupara bacon maki! That’s it!” he shouts to himself.

“I’ll get some of these mushrooms too, Bob,” Mr. John says, taking a big whiff of the mushroom. (Mr. John’s tip: Fresh mushrooms will not have a noticeable scent, FYI. If you smell your mushrooms, they’ve gone bad.)

“The bananas are on special today, John. Make sure to get some, I have lots! I’m bringing some to the bakery and the cake shop- banana cakes and breads are always bestsellers!”

After Mr. John makes his selections, Farmer Bob proceeds to pile them inside his friend’s shop. Mr. John goes to the counter to get some money to pay for his purchases.

“Where shall I put them, John?” Farmer Bob asks the grocer.

“Just right over there, Bob. I’ll unpack them myself later. I know you have other places to go to today,” Mr. John replies.

Mr. John then helps load the rest of Farmer Bob’s produce back in the cart. “As always, my friend, thank you for all these wonderful produce,” Mr. John says. “My clients will love them, I am sure of it!”

“I’ll be back Tuesday for your next selections. Got anything else you want from the farm?” Farmer Bob inquires.

“Just some of Betty’s best lemonade, please, if you can bring some. I have a hankering for those tasty drinks she makes,” Mr. John requests with a smile.

“Will do!” Farmer Bob says, as he goes up the cart again and takes the reins of Blacksocks.

“Godpseed, Bob!” Mr. John says, waving.

“Bye, John!”

“See you Tuesday!”

“You bet!”


Featured products:

Farmer’s cart and Pony with Mr. Bob Blackberry

Sainsbury Shop with Mr. John Sainsbury

Special thanks to Panda (P-Angel) for the gift of the Sainsbury Shop. You are always thought of with love, my dear friend.

2 thoughts on “The Veggie Tale

  1. banzai loves the story but says he will never eat veggies. we’ll see.

    the mom loves the story even more! ❤ we have been deluged with presents from all over this week. surprise ones and i think this was among the best because of the love and effort put in it.

    love ya, sweet woman!

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